Internet: Great Help For Imparting Education And Training!

Internet: Great Help For Imparting Education And Training!

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22nd August 2016: The Internet is a wonderful gift of science as the internet has made possible of all the impossible task. Through data connection in various devices such as a sensor, smartphones, watches, electronic items, it creates an excellent experience to the users.


It was reported by Research firm IDC, that through the network of Internet of thing(IoT), it was expected that the market would rise from $655.8 billion to $1.7 trillion from 2014 to 2020.

The Internet has broadened the way to education and learning. It would render great help in achieving country’s need in the field of imparting education. For the rapid creation of an infrastructure that would help in education-related, internet of things (IoT) network would work fabulously.


Through the internet, learning has become smarter, smart classes organized in Government and Government aided schools is set as an example. It let the teachers narrate the students through video conferencing so that it becomes easier for the students to grasp the thing faster and promote quality learning.

Digital-learning creates an interest to the students, which in turn made the students remain punctual to school. Nowadays, use of a tablet, computer and smartphone are not only confined to entertainment but a new area of imparting education. It, therefore, consumes less time, energy and money and in turn improve learning.

With a view to giving a better quality education, Educational Institutions started building up instructions to facilitate with a latest technological equipment, so that students gather interest to take part in learning.

For this reason, many of the Educational Institutions primarily a Private sector have BYOD(Bring Your Device)with Wi-fi connection, robotics, smart classes, etc to improve better learning.

Through advanced e-learning, students can learn by staying at their home without unnecessary wastage of time and energy. It enables the students to remain connected with teachers so that they get better instruction regarding their doubts.

Educational Institutions in building an infrastructure of networking and connectivity is expected to adopt innumerable data, and the data so created is to be stored, retrieved and shared for the further use to facilitate e-learning environment.

Therefore, to promote Internet of thing(IoT)networking in the educational segment data transmission, data storage, and data analysis are essential. Setting up proper storage such as solid state drive (SSD), solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) and hard disc drive (HDD) are important. For better security of an institution, i.e., to keep an eye on schools imperatives, a proper video-surveillance IoT facility is very much essential.

Centering on improving Digital India, IoT with its equip service is all set to develop learning. Garner report that India is likely to rise to 5-6% of total revenue of global pie created by IoT worldwide by 2020.


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