Rio Olympics 2016: Carnival Closing Ceremony Result An End the Olympics Games...

Rio Olympics 2016: Carnival Closing Ceremony Result An End the Olympics Games In Brazil

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22 August 2016: The Olympics ultimately arrived at an end by a great rain-soaked gathering at the beautiful Stadium, Maracana. In the closing ceremony, Rio placed a great light and laser shown by the iconic images of the city, generally a well-known tourist desirability like Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer.

Fireworks light up the Rio since the closing ceremony kicked off at the Maracana Stadium. End of the Rio Olympic Games was amazing with fireworks spot. Dance with the carnival costumes enjoyed by the masses, who challenge the Rio rain.

Finally, Giant Parrots with colorful ingredients performed during the closing ceremony. Singer Lenine performed on the stage.  The Brazilian flag was decorated on the ground.Rio games

Brazilian Singer, Mariene de Castro, also performed at the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics Games 2016 at Maracana Stadium followed by the Great Britain Athletes performing Samba stuff.

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Fans from an outer surface of Maracana Stadium watched the fireworks since the heavy shower smack the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony has started with lots of artistic dance sets, followed by the National Anthem of Brazil by Brazilian children. Kate Richardson-Walsh raises the Union Flag throughout the closing ceremony.

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However, Great Britain confirms that they had brought out the trainers of the Games brightly whole through the party.

England stood second ahead of China, Australia, France, Germany, and Russia by winning 27 gold medals in the Rio Olympics Games 2016.

Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent of Britain won 1 gold medal in pairs rowing at Atlantic Games in the year 1996.


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