Cabinet’s Decision: Cauvery Water To Release From Tuesday Night

Cabinet’s Decision: Cauvery Water To Release From Tuesday Night

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14th September 2016: After the emergency cabinet meeting, Siddaramiah, Chief Minister of Karnataka has announced that the state would release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu from Tuesday night onwards.

Talking about this view, Siddaramiah says on media that “Releasing water, following the Supreme Court directives after hearing our modification petition, is a tough proposition. However, considering the constitutional position of the SC, wherein defying its directions is not an option, the cabinet has resolved to release water from tonight.”


Chief Minister Siddaramiah, giving assurance to the people of Karnataka says arrangement would be made that released of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu would not result in a shortage of drinking water in Bengaluru, Mysore and Mandya districts.

He says that “Despite it being a difficult ask to meet the directions of the SC, I assure the people of the Cauvery basin and Bengaluru that there shall be no drinking water crisis till June 6 of 2017.”

It was revealed by Chief Minister Siddaramiah that the decision to release Cauvery water seems to be impossible on their part and according to them the order to release Cauvery water was just an act of injustice done to them. They have no other option but to abide by the decision. He added that the decision was finalized to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu after a long list of discussions by the Cabinet.

Chief Minister says that “But we have accepted the constitution which spells out the three pillars of the country, the Judiciary, the administration and the executive. However, considering that a constitutionally set up government needs to abide within the frame of the constitution, despite it being a difficult decision, we cannot defy or reject the SC which would be extra-constitutional.”

Siddaramiah further stated that “We weighed the pros and cons of the situation, including political and otherwise. We also took into consideration the repercussions it would have, if we defied the SC order, on our original petition at the SC challenging the decision of the Cauvery River Tribunal. Following all these considerations, the cabinet reached a consensus on the matter and agreed to release the water to TN.”

Chief Minister warned the people of Karnataka not to arose in violence regarding the decisions taken in the Cabinet meeting and to abide by the decision because if they disobey the decisions, action would be taken upon them. He says that water release would be close if the amount of water release reaches to 1.88 lakh cusecs.

He made an appointment with PM Narendra Modi, to speak to him regarding this matter and ask Modi to come to a solution in collaboratin with J Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He says “I have also sought for an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his intervention. We are hoping the appointment will be given to us on Wednesday, September 14.” “I will also speak to the PM on bringing about the national water policy, in the absence of which we are facing such crisis on a regular basis,” he added.


Regarding the firing done by the mob, which took the life of one person and an attempt to burn police vehicle, he says “It was inevitable that the firing had to happen. But the mob was on the verge of burning the vehicle along with the driver. The police took action and had to fire into the mob.”


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