Ahmad Khan Rahami Charged of Attempt To Murder

Ahmad Khan Rahami Charged of Attempt To Murder

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20th September 2016: A 28-years-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan-born American was convicted of attempt to murder. He was suspected of throwing a bomb in New York and New Jersey.


In an attack on Saturday, around 29 people were wounded. These wounded people came to Manhattan, canceling a US Marine Corps race in New Jersey that an ISIS link Somali-American in a riot has gone to Minnesota, stabbing near about 9 people there.

Sources revealed that in New York at the UN General Assembly, President Barack Obama with all the world leaders assured the people of America “not to succumb to fear” because he had taken a precaution assigning presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to combat terror attack.

But the investigators, after investigation, said to Obama that there was no connection between bombings in East Coast and knife attack at Minnesota. Police also reported that the mugger while attacking made “some references to Allah.”

Ahmad Khan Rahami was caught by the Police outside a bar in Linden, New Jersey and FBI released his shot saying “armed and dangerous.”

Acting Union County prosecutor Grace Park reports that, A Police Officer approached Ahmad Khan Rahami, but he took out his handgun and shoot A Police officer, where he along with harming a police officer, he himself suffer injury.

In a second Police shootout, Rahami was shot many time by the police outside an auto repair shop. But it was revealed that in a shootout neither the first officer nor the subsequent officer sustained a life-threatening injuries.

Police Officers says that Rahami’s handgun was ceased by the police personnel and he was taken to the hospital, by ambulence with bandage on his right arm, where he underwent surgery after that he was taken to Police custody.

It was said that Ahmad Khan Rahami was convicted with a charged of five times attempt to murder upon a law enforcement officer, bomb in New York and New Jercy and two unlawful weapon possession.


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