Sonam Kapoor : “I’m not a believer in cosmetic treatments”

Sonam Kapoor : “I’m not a believer in cosmetic treatments”

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30th September 2016: It is mostly believed that celebrities both Indian and abroad go for corrective surgeries to get a beautiful appearance. Though many celebrities believed in surgical beautification, the opinion of Actress Sonam Kapoor regarding surgical beautification was totally different. She shared on social media that she doesn’t believe in corrective surgical beautification.sonam kapoor

Sonam shared on IANS interview saying “I am not a big believer in cosmetic treatments. Artificial cosmetic or corrective treatments are damaging… Especially if you see all the studies.”

Sonam further added saying “I don’t judge anybody who does that. It’s each to his own, and it’s all a personal choice. I would rather use products that are safe and the ones that I have control over, not some doctor doing it for me.”

On Wednesday in a BuzzFeed India her post “I Didn’t Wake Up Like This” looked into her reticence openly in her adolescence period and said “wondering why my body looked nothing like it should.” She again added about her steps into Bollywood industry saying that she “embarked on a series of unhealthy behaviors, that had me eating pineapples all day.”

Sonam featuring in an advertising of Colgate Visible White Shine Plus stated saying “There is a risk of being extremely modest. I am always complimented for my smile and that it’s my best feature. I also feel that my smile is my best feature,”

Expressing about her beauty regime, Sonam shared “I always had nice teeth. I never had braces or cavities. The only issue is that over the years, your teeth start getting stained because of food.” Sonam’s feature video in Arjun Kanungo’s song was with laughter, a cute and sweet smile and she described it as “sweet and peppy.”

“Arjun is good, sweet and a great singer. He is also good looking, and I am sure young girls are crazy about him.” As a brand ambassador, Sonam says she prefers to endorse only those things that she believes in or “I feel the ones that reflect my aesthetics and ideals in anyway,” says Sonam Kapoor giving a good remark for singer Arjun Kanungo.


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