BlackBerry Company Says: It Was A Mistake To Launch Priv In Isolation

BlackBerry Company Says: It Was A Mistake To Launch Priv In Isolation

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08 November 2016: It really ended a period when BlackBerry has declared its official exit from a device developed, towards focus exclusively on software. The Canadian software foremost will not make any smartphones. Quite, it might subcontract the job to third-party OEMs. This handset will take the iconic BB brand and BB software. It will still assert by many since it is one of the mostly safe ecosystems whole over the world. Classis example is the DTEK50 and DTEK60.

According to the sources, BlackBerry technology question by many that, what will be the future like some user who has already purchased and used? Will BlackBerry going to continue or support the users who have used and should this element be broken or damaged is under warranty, will Blackberry provide after sales and required replacement? The question has answered by senior vice president of BlackBerry, Alex Thurber and Managing Director of the company’s, Narendra Nayak.blackberry

Asked Media sources and their response

What do the new strategic developments inside BlackBerry mean for brand loyalists and fans?

Alex Thurber said this should be very exciting for our fan-base and our loyalists. It is very amazing. We have a very loyal customer base. I have been with the company for (only) six months, and it’s been this pleasant surprise to realize how many people out there really want BlackBerry to succeed. So, as we are now able to focus more and more on software, which really is the ‘smart’ in the smartphone, it’s going to mean that we’ll continue to invest and expand our opportunities for our fans to use our BB devices.

Will BlackBerry keep on supporting the users, and should these units be damaged or broken – under warranty – will BlackBerry supply after sales and essential replacement?

He said, we have a formal end of life and end of sales strategy, and we haven’t declared either one on Priv. Based on those dates we then a precise timeline for which we continue to offer support and updates for some years afterward. But it (the Priv) is still actively being sold.

(As for aftersales and warranty) It’s very clear. All the individual specifications are on our website, but it’s very clear that we’ll continue to support things even after we announce the end of sale. There’s a period afterward that we continue to support our devices. We understand that it’s an investment by our user in our technology. I look on it as myself. I buy cellphones; I wouldn’t want to suddenly lose access either. We treat our customers very carefully.blackberry

Those who have purchased phones, Will BlackBerry continue to support existing customers?

Senior vice president said, Oh absolutely! We will continue to support our existing customer base both on Android as well as on BB10. We are about to release a new version of BB10, version 10.3.3, which is in final NIAP testing, which is the only reason we don’t have a (release) date because it’s a third-party lab. They’ll tell us when. The Price has updated to Android Marshmallow, and all the security updates that we release are available on it, the Productivity Hub updates, etc.base, they all work on Priv. So we are continuing to support all of our exist based.

Speaking of which, how is the Priv doing for BlackBerry?

He said the Priv is doing well globally. All phones have a price curve as they move out. The Price has been out now for almost a year and so it’s becoming less expensive around the world and that’s increasing its sales quite a bit. We still actively sell the Priv around the world.

Do you think the Priv, backfired, considering that it was your first Android-based smartphone and cost as much as it did?

In hindsight it would have been perfect should we have (had) brought out the Priv and maybe the DTEK50 at the same time. That might have been a smoother entrance into the Android space, but we learned a lot. The most important thing in a company is to try things, learn and then adjust your strategy from there. I wouldn’t say that it (the Priv) was a mistake. It was our way of breaking into the market.

The DTEK50 and DTEK60 use TCL (Alcatel) as reference OEMs. Are you currently in discussion with other such OEMs?

There’s nothing that we are ready to announce today. But we are looking at partnership around the world. As we announced our new software strategy and licensing strategy, we have a team that has been very busy out there looking at opportunities.blackberry

Managing director of BlackBerry Narendra Nayak response

How important is Indian market for BlackBerry?

Narendra Nayak said India is probably one of the most important markets for BlackBerry. We have our traditional markets where we continue to be strong, which is in the US and typically Western Europe, but if you look at outside of this market, the company has chosen six key markets which we call our emerging or growth markets, and India is right up there on that list.

One big evidence of that fact is that we had our chairman and CEO down here six months ago to state his commitment to this market. We have invested in rebuilding our strategy for this market both on the software side and on the device side, or on the mobility solution side. We have got an entirely new go-to-market strategy on the software side, we’ve got a new distributor, we’ve got a new reseller channel in place which is focused entirely on the mobility and security software space and then we built a new team which is for both sales and pre-sales. These are the people who understand software business and will work on that part of the business.

On the mobility solutions side, we’ve got two new phones (the DTEK50 and DTEK60) on the Android side, and we will continue to focus on them. So, India is a highly important market for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry to make in India

Narendra Nayak, we are still looking for opportunities (to make in India). We did announce one in Indonesia some time ago from a joint manufacturing perspective. It is an evolving thing. So right now, it is focused on the distribution of these two new phones.

Alex Thurber, but we are strong proponents of Make in India initiative by the Government. And moving on as we will have more things to announce, we will be happy to do that.


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