I Love Being Looked Upon As A Sex Symbol, Says Ranveer Singh

I Love Being Looked Upon As A Sex Symbol, Says Ranveer Singh

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03 December 2016: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh always post a selfie display his physique, his female fans go into a tizzy, and he said that he enjoy all the attention coming his way.

Having started with a rural boy next door look with ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ the actor had a major turnaround with the like ‘Ram Leela,’ ‘Gunday’ and ‘Dil Dhadkne Do.’

According to the sources, the actor Ranveer said: “I love female attention, I have always admitted that I was a fat kid till I was 14, so female attention is golden for me.” The actor has achieved today at a stage where he does not mind as called a sex symbol.

When media asked Ranveer in an interview, he said that “Even when you lose weight, you are always fat in your head. For me, female attention is one of the best things ever. I love it. I love women and women love me. I love being looked upon as a sex symbol. It is amazing.”ranveer-singh

Ranveer discloses that he has been hit on by men, even before he landed himself the first appearance role [play in Yash Raj’s sleeper hit. “Yes, I have been hit on (by men), propositioned, everything. I am cool with it.” He says casually before adding.

“It is my cup of tea and I very politely and respectfully tell them. It has been happening to me for years, even before I was famous. All the more after I become famous but it doesn’t surprise me anymore.”

In almost his seven-year journey so far, Ranveer has played different shades of the ‘lover boy’ is it the street-smart Delhi lad in ‘Band Baaja.’ The brooding romantic in ‘Lootera’ or the fearless warrior in ‘Bajirao Mastani.’ranveer-singh

In real life too, the actor insists, he is a very passionate person who can go all out when madly in love, something which made him say he is “the best boyfriend ever” on the latest episode of ‘Koffee with Karan.’

When Ranveer asked about the statement with media, he said “I believe that I consciously nurture the significant romantic relationship, if I have one. I leave no stone un-turned in that endeavour. So, I guess that’s what makes me the best boyfriend.”

The actors say that it is a huge chance for him as he was a ‘philanderer’ earlier whose outlook has changed today. “I was quite the philanderer, promiscuous. Everybody goes through phases. I have had my phase of philandering and promiscuity. You eventually evolve out of that.”

In his latest film ‘Befikre’ the actor is in romantic hero avatar again while the character of Dharam is more like him in the sense of being a light-hearted, happy go lucky guy, who doesn’t take himself too seriously.ranveer-singh

Director Aditya Chopra, the film aim to celebrate love in a carefree, fun filled and impulsive way. Though his character might have problems saying ‘I love you.’ Ranveer says that he is far from being frivolous.

He stated that “I wouldn’t call him frivolous. He is definitely a good-hearted being. I think his outlook on romantic relationships is something (that) I used to be like him. But in a different phase of my life.”

“Maybe Dharam is me six years ago. Now, my outlook has changed a bit. But I used to be like that, back in my heydays.”

On December 9, Vaani Kapoor featuring ‘Befikre’ will hit the screen.


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