CBI Grab Rs 5.7cr, latest notes of 2000, KC Veerendra arrested, JDS...

CBI Grab Rs 5.7cr, latest notes of 2000, KC Veerendra arrested, JDS leader

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According to the sources, CBI has made a case against the official of four banks. CBI said that Veerendra allegedly convinced bankers to exchange the demonetised currency Rs 2000 notes.

CBI has finally arrested the leader of Janata Dal-Secular, also the owner of a casino in connection with the seizure of Rs 5.7 crore that is in 2000 denomination on his possession. The agency sources also said that CBI had registered a case against the four official banks- State banks of India, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and the state bank of Mysore.

Late on December 10 KC Veerendra was arrested in Hubballi and brought to Bengaluru before the CBI court. According to the CBI official, they said that he would in custody under them.CBI

CBI official raided his 15 premises on 10 December, including his house in Challakere and his casino that is in Goa. The official seized worth total of Rs 5.7 crore with 2000 currency notes and besides that Rs 90 lakh in Rs 100 and 20 denominations in both the district of Hubballi and Challakere.

The CBI official said that Veerender has finally connived that he did exchange a note with along with the bankers and the middlemen.

According to the source’s statement, Veerendra’s name appeared in a case of cricket betting. Veerendra owns chit fund business.CBI

CBI is questioning for six days to confront him along with documents recovered from Veerendra premises and try to get reveal the sources of these funds as well as, an involvement of senior official banks, in this case, Sources said that.

According to the sources, CBI official stated to PTI, “We have arrested K C Veerendra. He was arrested in Hubballi on December 10 and brought to Bengaluru the following day and produced before the CBI court. He is in our custody for six days.”


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