Cyclone Havoc Hits Chennai

Cyclone Havoc Hits Chennai

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14 December 2016: After Cyclone Vardah comes in Chennai, a district like Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur 16 people were dead and uprooting over 10,000 trees and many electricity poles were felt down. On Tuesday, an action was taken by the official machinery to restore the state as normality.

In the districts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur, it might take for two days to the continuation of the power supply. More than 9,000 workers started working to repair and restoration of electric poles and power cables.

In many districts power connection and telephone networks were felt down. Suburban and (MRTS) Mass Rapid Transit System train services were so far to be continued for the desire of electricity supply.chennai

According to the reports, Principal Secretary and Commissioner of Revenue Administration (CRA), K. Satyagopal said to The Hindu about the cyclone Vardah, “As much as 75 per cent of the fallen trees is in Chennai.”

Cyclone Vardah affects power distribution towers and transmission towers in many districts; the official said: “It appears that the power system has borne the brunt of nature’s fury.”

As per the reports, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation brought electricity workers more than 3,000 from different places to repair power to various electricity substations and streets.chennai

The fallen trees are removed by the local bodies, police and fire rescue services, and with the help of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). As ten teams of NDRF were involve working with the local authorities to repair road traffic and electricity in Chennai and Kancheepuram districts, said Deputy Inspector-General of NDRF (South Zone), S.P. Selvan.

As per the reports, Deputy Inspector-General of NDRF said about the teamwork restoring normality in the residential areas; he said “Since morning [on Tuesday] we have been engaged in removing trees and electricity lamp posts that fell on the roads or on buildings. Three teams have come from Pune to join the relief operations. Most of the main roads have been restored to traffic… a lot of work has to be done in interior roads and residential areas.”


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