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groom mate

In this article, I will give a brief review on Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer is one of the best nose and ear hair trimmers that are available in the market. Initially, the trimmer does not come with a battery and you have to power it itself. All you have to do to trim is insert the business end of the trimmer in your nose or ear and then softly twist the bottom of the gadget back and forth. You have to control the trimmer manually. The trimmer will ease to a halt as soon as you stop twisting it. This trimmer is powered by rotary blades. These blades will trim all the hair they come in contact with, without causing any skin irritation.

The Platinum XL uses gravity to pull the hair dirt from your nose and ear into the trimmer’s barrel. The trimmer can be utilized both for a dry and a wet trim. The gadget is 100% washable so you can simply clean the trimmer and its barrel under tap water after every trim. The rotary blades are of stainless steel it won’t rust so.

groom mate

The device is exceptionally small and handy, so you will have no problem in carrying it. The best part is, the entire trimmer is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty which means after buying this trimmer, you won’t have to necessarily buy another trimmer ever again.

Price: $29.95


  • Perfect for trimming unwanted hairs of nose and ear
  • Rotary blade
  • 100% stainless steel blades
  • No Battery
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Small size
  • 30 day Money back guarantee


  • No noise pollution.
  • Efficient trimmer for ear and nose hair trimming
  • No skin irritation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel rotary blades
  • Wet and dry use


  • It won’t perform additional tasks such as trimming eyebrows or sideburns or beard. It is applicable for only ear and nose hair.


We recommend everyone to try out Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer at least once. The device is too small and weighs negligible than other trimmers, so it is the most convenient trimmer to carry wherever you go that comes at this price. Further, the 30-day money back guarantee and unconditional lifetime warranty are other reasons you should go for it right now. Let us know about your own review Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer in the comments section below.

Check out: Vijendra Says, ‘WBO is my title and I’ll be protecting it with pride’

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Indian sensation boxer Vijendra Singh is hopeful for his first defense of WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title against earlier World Champion Francis Cheka. He says that it is my title and he is set to protect it with pride at the Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi on Saturday.

Haryana 30-year-old boy defended his first WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight in July against Australian Kerry Hope. He is now observing to defense his title in front of the home crowd by banging out Cheka in the early rounds.

According to the sources, boxer Vijendra Singh said “I am confident of getting another win; I feel my stance is becoming better with every training session and on top of that I feel more powerful than ever. On December 17 you will all see the results of the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes.”vijendra singh

Singh again added, “This is my title and I’ll be protecting it with pride. The support that I receive both here in the UK and back home in India is overwhelming. I’ll pay back everyone’s support and retain my title for the people of India!”

Vijendra says about the Tanzanian fighter is highly-experienced and also hungrier than him, he said “Cheka is a highly-experienced boxer, he has many bouts under his belt but I am the younger, stronger and hungrier fighter. He is coming to my homeland to take what is mine but I won’t let this happen. The Thyagaraj Stadium is my patch now and I’m expecting another huge crowd to come and support me.”vijendra singh

Vijendra Singh boxer of Indian who has made a volatile start to his pro career in the paid ranks by blowing his first seven challengers in just 27 rounds. Singh recently made a record seven out of seven wins without six knockouts.

Cheka is an expert fighter who wins 32 out of 43 fights including 17 KO’s. He recently holds the International Super Middleweight Championship title that he won earlier this year In February against Geard Ajetovic of Serbia.

aditya roy kapur

Three years later, when actor Aditya Roy Kapur played the guitar in film ‘Aashiqui 2’, many viewers who actually believed the performance was for original. And also the track is not off. The actors exposed when he was in St. Xavier’s College, they had a band and recalled to perform a show at St. Cathedral’ for a 12th standard farewell bash. He laughs and says, “Of course, the main reason for going was to see the girls.

However, he confesses that not only playing guitar and singing, but even he also composed 40 songs.

Aditya talks about his first hit, he memorizes the director Mohit Suri, he said about into studio and recording a track with him; he admits that “Later, I played a few of these soon to-be-chartbusters for the unit, and Shraddha (Kapoor) insisted I do something with this talent of mine. She’s always been encouraging, but I treated music as a hobby and never pursued it seriously.”aditya roy kapur

Aditya had started planning to make his own album next year; he informs about his own album, “It’ll be in English, some form of rock, with songs I’ve written and guitar, drums and electronic,” he added that his interested in giving playback only when his voice improves the composition.

He wants to work a little more as he’s happiest on a film position. He already set his upcoming movie ‘Ok Jaanu’ Hindi remake of Mani Ratnam’s 2015 Tamil romantic drama, ‘O Kadhal Kanmani,’ which lead by Dulquer Salmaan. He admits that he loved the original version which was blown away by the performances, however, claim that the fact in Hindi might change a few things.

According to the sources, he justifies “The blueprint given to us was pure gold and much as I loved the original, the idea was just to be myself. It’s a relevant subject; I see a lot of my friends grappling with the same questions, unsure about whether to live in and get to know your partner better or take the plunge. Our film doesn’t make a case for live-in relationships nor does it run down marriages. It just juxtaposes one against the other seamlessly through the lives of two couples.”aditya roy kapur

His opt, “For me, there’s no right or wrong. Just do things your way,” he declares that “Everyone wants companionship, that’s why the institution of marriage is celebrated. But as far as I’m concerned, forget to talk about it, I avoid even thinking about marriage. The day I meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and feel I’m ready for it, I’ll think about it.”

As per the reports, the murmur is that getting severe of a makeup artist, Marianna Mukuchyan, “She’s just a friend. We got clicked a couple of times, and people put two and two together. I’m happily single, thank you.”

Actor Aditya states that there was a rumor about Shraddha and him, even talks of engagement, whether these rumors ever made them awkward with each other? He claims”Never! As a public figure you learn to take such conjectures in your stride, and as an actor, it comes with the job. For three years these rumors have come up and morphed into different stories. Now we don’t even acknowledge them.”

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14 December 2016: After Cyclone Vardah comes in Chennai, a district like Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur 16 people were dead and uprooting over 10,000 trees and many electricity poles were felt down. On Tuesday, an action was taken by the official machinery to restore the state as normality.

In the districts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur, it might take for two days to the continuation of the power supply. More than 9,000 workers started working to repair and restoration of electric poles and power cables.

In many districts power connection and telephone networks were felt down. Suburban and (MRTS) Mass Rapid Transit System train services were so far to be continued for the desire of electricity supply.chennai

According to the reports, Principal Secretary and Commissioner of Revenue Administration (CRA), K. Satyagopal said to The Hindu about the cyclone Vardah, “As much as 75 per cent of the fallen trees is in Chennai.”

Cyclone Vardah affects power distribution towers and transmission towers in many districts; the official said: “It appears that the power system has borne the brunt of nature’s fury.”

As per the reports, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation brought electricity workers more than 3,000 from different places to repair power to various electricity substations and streets.chennai

The fallen trees are removed by the local bodies, police and fire rescue services, and with the help of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). As ten teams of NDRF were involve working with the local authorities to repair road traffic and electricity in Chennai and Kancheepuram districts, said Deputy Inspector-General of NDRF (South Zone), S.P. Selvan.

As per the reports, Deputy Inspector-General of NDRF said about the teamwork restoring normality in the residential areas; he said “Since morning [on Tuesday] we have been engaged in removing trees and electricity lamp posts that fell on the roads or on buildings. Three teams have come from Pune to join the relief operations. Most of the main roads have been restored to traffic… a lot of work has to be done in interior roads and residential areas.”

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According to the sources, CBI has made a case against the official of four banks. CBI said that Veerendra allegedly convinced bankers to exchange the demonetised currency Rs 2000 notes.

CBI has finally arrested the leader of Janata Dal-Secular, also the owner of a casino in connection with the seizure of Rs 5.7 crore that is in 2000 denomination on his possession. The agency sources also said that CBI had registered a case against the four official banks- State banks of India, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and the state bank of Mysore.

Late on December 10 KC Veerendra was arrested in Hubballi and brought to Bengaluru before the CBI court. According to the CBI official, they said that he would in custody under them.CBI

CBI official raided his 15 premises on 10 December, including his house in Challakere and his casino that is in Goa. The official seized worth total of Rs 5.7 crore with 2000 currency notes and besides that Rs 90 lakh in Rs 100 and 20 denominations in both the district of Hubballi and Challakere.

The CBI official said that Veerender has finally connived that he did exchange a note with along with the bankers and the middlemen.

According to the source’s statement, Veerendra’s name appeared in a case of cricket betting. Veerendra owns chit fund business.CBI

CBI is questioning for six days to confront him along with documents recovered from Veerendra premises and try to get reveal the sources of these funds as well as, an involvement of senior official banks, in this case, Sources said that.

According to the sources, CBI official stated to PTI, “We have arrested K C Veerendra. He was arrested in Hubballi on December 10 and brought to Bengaluru the following day and produced before the CBI court. He is in our custody for six days.”

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Two-time IPL champion KKR  bowling coach and mentor Wasim Akram would miss the 10th Indian Premier League which to be held on 2017. Due to ongoing disturbances in the border and inside the both countries. Former Pakistan skipper and all-rounder mention time constraints for which he will not be a part of KKR in the upcoming season.

According to the sources, in an interview, Washim says“I have loved the camaraderie in KKR team and have enjoyed every opportunity to mentor the highly talented team over the years. I am surely going to miss being part of the dressing room, but I wish the team continued success.”wasim

Venky Mysore, MD & CEO of KKR in an interview shared that, “We will miss Wasim Akram Bhai who has been part of the KKR family over the last few years and has played a significant role in our title triumphs in 2012 and 2014. We wish him the very best in all his endeavors.”

KKR captain Gautam Gambhir had earlier said for a complete freeze on any ties with Pakistan till the tension in border and as well in sharp front ends, and he also stated that “Indian lives are more important than sports.”wasim

Due to this ongoing disturbance between Indo and Pak KKR might have to face some problem. All KKR fans might think about the future performance of Kolkata Knight Riders as a legendary coach is no more for the time being with the team. Here raise a big question, is this decision will hamper the ruling performance of KKR.

Not only in sports, but this tension also affects the Indian Film Industry ”Bollywood.” There are many talented singer and actors from Pakistan those who remains attached for a long time with Bollywood as Singer Atif Aslam, Actress Mahira Khan, and Actor Fawad Khan but now they had to return to Pakistan.

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10 December 2016: Bollywood director Sujoy Ghosh surprised viewers with his stark, brutal credible and sensitive depiction of child abuse in Kahaani 2. It has observed injured of child abuse from very close districts.

According to the sources, director Sujoy confesses “My mother is a psychiatrist. My wife is a counsellor. At my mother’s clinic in Kolkata, I’d see so many different kinds of psychological problems. They stayed with me. It took me years to sort out the one incident that has gone into Kahaani 2. I was plagued tormented and traumatized by it. But I didn’t know how to put it into cinema.”

The 50-years old director didn’t want to know on audiences about child abuse; he said “My job as a filmmaker is to tell a story which is engrossing. I didn’t want to lose my audience in pursuit of the terrible burden that I carried on my conscience. I had to tell the abused child Mini’s story. But how? I did not want to make a documentary out of my film. I had to keep the audience involved until the end, without for a minute sensationalizing the subject. God forbid!”sujoy-ghosh

Director said to get the right tone for the story he had to wait for a long time; he said “It took me 2 ½ years to write Kahaani 2. I finally got it out of my system. The most scary thing about victims of child abuse is that they don’t know they’re being abused. They feel what is happening to them is normal, because they don’t know any better. By the time they realize the horrific wrong done to them it’s too late. Vidya herself plays a victim of abuse. Her character keeps herself from looking attractive. She is deliberately dowdy because she is afraid of the male gaze, the sexual touch.”

Director Sujoy Ghosh appreciates to his actor for making it very challenging and sensitive; he said “This film couldn’t be made without Vidya and the child actor Naisha Khanna. Jugal Hansraj (who plays the child abuser) was someone I’ve known for years. He was supposed to do my directorial debut Jhankar Beats…the role that Shayan Munshi eventually played. I’d see him jogging in Pali Hill. He was my first and only choice for the part. Thankfully he rose to the occasion. Someone had to do the dirty job. Or this film could not have been made.”sujoy-ghosh

The director stays fearless by the quietly domestic opening of Kahaani 2; he said “Considering the circumstances, demonetization, we are not doing badly at all. The important this is, those who are seeing the film appreciate what we’ve tried to say. No one recoils with horror at the theme of child abuse in my film. That to me is a big relief. I was really scared about how audiences would react. I didn’t want them to ask, ‘Why is he showing this? We don’t want to see this.’ Luckily audiences have understood how important it is to address the issue of our children’s safety. We live in an environment of absolute distrust because we can’t bring ourselves to trust our children with even our closest friends.”


Tamil actor Gautami Tadimalla asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi by writing a blog post about “the sheer volume of unanswered questions” about the late chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa’s which was hospitalization in September.

Actor Gautami asked about the secrecy that has maintained during 75-day treatment. Lt chief minister was admitted to the Apollo Hospitals on 22 September when she complained of dehydration and fever.

Very few information were revealed about her condition. No one allowed meeting to her, and also there are many VIP who visited her with deep concern were deprived of an opportunity to express their wishes in person.

According to the sources, actor Gautami questions in her post, “Why this secrecy and isolation of a beloved public leader and the head of the Tamil Nadu government? What/whose authority restricted access to the late Chief Minister? Who were the concerned persons who were making the decisions about Selvi Dr. J Jayalalithaa’s treatment and care when her health was apparently in such a delicate state?”gautami

As per the reports, she said that it is a significant concern and right of all citizen of India to be alert of and informed concerning their democratically elected leaders and also the state of their health and their aptitude to do their duties.

Below full text of actor Gautami’s blog

Tragedy and unanswered questions

The Honourable Prime Minister of India,

Shri Narendra Modiji

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to you today as an ordinary citizen of India. I am a homemaker, a mother and a working woman. My concerns and priorities in my life are those that are shared by many of my fellow countrymen, primarily to build a safe and nurturing environment for my family that will allow them to live a safe and fulfilled life.

I am also one among the crores who are mourning the recent shocking demise of our late Chief Minister, Selvi Dr. J Jayalalithaa ji. She was a towering personality in Indian politics and was a great inspiration for women from all walks of life. Her leadership of Tamil Nadu, over several terms in office, has brought us to the forefront in many spheres of development. Selvi Dr. Jayalalithaa ji’s undeniable strength and determination to persevere against all odds are a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire individuals of every gender to persist in pursuit of their dreams in life.

Her demise is all the more tragic and unsettling because of the circumstances over the past few months and the sheer volume of unanswered questions about our late Chief Minister’s hospitalisation, treatment, reported recovery and very sudden passing. There has been a near total blanketing of information regarding these matters. Nobody had been allowed access to her and many dignitaries who visited her with deep concern were denied an opportunity to convey their wishes in person. Why this secrecy and isolation of a beloved public leader and the head of the Tamil Nadu government? What/whose authority restricted access to the late Chief Minister? Who were the concerned persons who were making the decisions about Selvi Dr. J Jayalalithaa ji’s treatment and care when her health was apparently in such a delicate state? And who is responsible for these answers to the people? These and many other burning questions are being asked by the people of Tamil Nadu and I echo their voice in bringing them to your ears, sir.

No doubt some might say that it is a moot point because it has happened as it has, but that, sir, is precisely my fear. I ask these questions now because it is a primary concern and right of every citizen of India to be aware of and informed about their democratically elected leaders. To be aware of their state of health and ability to perform their duties for the larger good of the people. To be concerned for the wellness and comfort of a beloved leader of the masses. And the fact that a tragedy of such tremendous scale should not go unquestioned and definitely, not unanswered, under any circumstances. If this be the case with a public figure of this magnitude, then what chance does the common citizen of India have when he fights for his personal rights? The confidence of every Indian in the democratic process that makes our nation so great is precious and must be protected against all odds.

I am writing to you now, sir, with the complete confidence that you share my anxiety and determination to uphold the rights of every Indian to be aware and informed of any factor that impacts our day to day life. You have proven yourself in many ways to be a leader who is unafraid to stand up for the rights of the common man and I am confident that you will heed the call of your fellow countrymen.

With my deepest respects and trust

Jai Hind!

Gautami Tadimalla


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08 December 2016: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma always kept her relationship with cricketer Virat Kohli secretly. She has preserved low profile while it comes to her love life and wants not to ask any question about it in front of media.

But she was surprised as she saw the caption to Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech wedding with her boyfriend, Virat Kohli.virat-kohli

As per the reports, both the couple looked dramatic at the event, and also they choose to dance together and the video dancing becomes viral on social media. Both the couple seems lovely since dancing on a Punjabi song, but while the actress asked by a leading daily, she said that “I don’t think much about all this because you can only do what’s under your control. I believe I should just carry on with my life and lead it as normally as I can. If someone does take a picture and puts it up here and there, I really can’t help it.”

When she asked by media about her personal life, she said “I don’t dig myself out on social media. Knowing what’s written about me or what one’s positing on Instagram and Twitter is not on the top of my list. I’m not curious in that sense and I feel that’s how you maintain your sanity. However, much you want to engage on social media, you have the freedom to ditch it too.”virat-kohli

According to the sources, Anushka also stated that she is the secret person in real life, she said that “I’m an honest person, and don’t lead my life on other people’s terms. I don’t hide anything about myself, so I don’t find it difficult to talk about things that happen in my life… But at the same time, I don’t like putting myself out there too much. That’s how I am.”

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06 December 2016: Shraddha Kapoor’s recently released Rock On 2, which is the sequel of Rock On has done a massive business in the first two weeks of its release. So, it does seem to be an excellent time going on for Shraddha, as she’s been deliberately making her presence in the mainstream of the B-Town.

Shraddha, who is very well known for roles of the troubled singer (as seen in both Aashiqui 2 and Rock On 2) has something new in store for all her audiences. Recently, it has been heard that the actress had been seen loitering around in Nagpada locality, in order to get completely into the character of Haseena, which is likely to be her next assignment, which is Apoorva Lakhia’s biopic, “Haseena – the Queen Of Mumbai.”shraddha-kapoor

Unlike the previous roles of the actress, the character of Haseena is sure to be something different that would probably blow all of us away. It has been said that Haseena rose into popularity after she had put her steps into the world of crime after her husband Ibrahim Parker was gunned down at a hotel in Nagpada. Nagpada is the same place, where Haseena was brought up, so Shraddha had gone to pay a visit to the hotel where the encounter of Ibrahim Parker took place, just to soak in the feelings behind the character, that she is about to portray in her upcoming movie.shraddha-kapoor

Now, the reason of actors and actresses going incognito is to feel in within their minds regarding the character they are about to play in their next respective movies so that they could deliver the role they are assigned for.

This sure does leave us in a lot of anxiety with what the movie will actually offer. Let’s just wait patiently and hope for the very best for the actress. Time will reveal everything crystal clear.


sonu Nigam

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24 May 2017: Bollywood playback singers Abhijeet Bhattacharya was suspended his twitter account after he posted a string of “offensive” tweets over women. The...