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03 December 2016: Today in Bigg Boss house Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor is going to enter and going to be fun one. They will enter the house to promote their film Befikre. Before Ranveer’s girlfriend, Deepika Padukone has entered the house and cooperated with the Bigg Boss housemates.

Tonight actor Ranveer and Vaani is going to play a few games with the housemates like the theme of their film Befikre that will make the contestants a little more Befikre i.e. carefree. The housemates are living somewhat carefree before. Not all of them care about the fact that they are on the most beloved reality show on the Indian TV, and must place on a show. However, every week they are giving us middling episodes. Anyway, today’s night episode the housemates will enjoy and will have lots of fun with actor Ranveer Singh and Vaani which is going to play a few game.bigg-boss

Taking the energy back to the same ordinary and gloomy dark level will be the family of Monalisa, Manu Punjabi, and Manveer Gurjar. Manu’s fiancée Priya, Mona’s fiancé Vikrant Singh and Manveer’s sister in law have been invited on the show to comment about the love triangle going in the house. Every family member will protect their family and will blame others. Mona’s fiancé would disclose that he warned Mona against by such behaviour.bigg-boss

Manveer and Bani J will get into a spoken fight with host Salman Khan. Manveer will blame Bani J of being scheming, bitchy and snarky. So Bani J will teach the lesson to Manveer with her strong words which will touch to Manveer hearts. She will explain that there is a limit which she can stand being judged by all.

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02 December 2016: The day in the Bigg Boss 10 house, you will guess a tussle as petty as arranging cash for breakfast. This is what yesterday 1st December happens in the house. The challengers who have given the responsibility for ensuring a regular supply of basic facilities like supply gas and water decline to pedal the cycle unless breakfast is prepared. Distress with the tantrums of challengers who were unfair by Lopamudra, Nitibha and Bani complained to ‘sanchaalak’ Priyanka Jagga only the contestant to return disappointed. She also supports to the challengers and ultimately came peace in the house when contestant Gaurav prepared to cash.

Well a few weeks back, Bigg Boss challenged friendships through a task, however, this time it is the conditions of the house that are testing the tough bond between the best friends Manoj Punjabi and Manveer. Both of them seen taking up captaincy in the house are unwilling to give a chance each other in the task. But Priyanka Jagga knew about the weak point of and where to hit so that it hurt most. Priyanka pours fuel by saying to Manveer that he needs to walk away from Manoj’s shadow.bigg-boss

Mona Lisa feels bad as her friendship with Manveer seems cracks, she loses her peaceful, and she cries. She desires to go home back since unable to hold the pressure of the game. Manoj interferes and tries to make up for a fight. He leaves Mona Lisa and Manveer only to sort out the affair.

Priyanka Jagga loses to become captaincy of the house since she failed the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss announced that she cannot become the captaincy this week because she did not look the housemates while the challengers have stopped pedaling cycle. Om Swami was distress that Bigg Boss announced and he decided that he will become the captain of the house.bigg-boss

Om Swami’s captaincy aim was upset by Sahil since he emptied his test tube. Om Swami thinks that he cheated and got emotional without being supported by the new contestant in the house. Sahil tries to pacify him that is a little thing, and it can be elimination.

Om Swami gets emotional over his daughter Priyanka Jagga comment; Priyanka told Nitibha that Om Swami is not my father. However, she doesn’t know that Om Swami was hearing her. Om Swami cried and said Nitibha that he used such manner from his loved ones.

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01 November 2016: The day in Bigg Boss house have seen gearing up to all the contestants to do anything that given the task to win i.e. the captaincy. Since before the performance was not good in the luxury budget task, this time all the contestants were rushing to do the task. This is what on Wednesday seen that housemates fight for captaincy. In the ‘Gayi Captaincy Pani Mei’ task Sahil are the first contestants whose test tube was empty in water, after that, it was the turn of Nitibha who banned from captaincy since Manoj left her test tube because he feels her unfit for captaincy.

Manveer and Manoj Punjabi is the best friend in the Bigg Boss 10 house. However, when the task has given their friendship became sour as the pressure increase in the game. During the task, both got into a heated quarrel because they have different opinions about who win the captaincy for the week. Manveer says Manoj that he is not playing ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain.’bigg-boss

Om Swami also took some help of his tears to talk into Sahil not to empty his test tube. He wants to win the show and also he wanted to win the captaincy task for his daughter Priyanka Jagga.

Whereas, Bigg Boss place the responsibility to all the housemate’s sleep, gas supply, and water supply on to the nominated challengers. In the house, they had to peddle a bicycle to make certain that the housemates will get right to use to some of the basic facilities.

Bani got distressed by the selfish manner of the contestants and to those who slept instead of being grateful to the challengers. She declines to perform more since she could not handle being turn by her member Gaurav Chopra. Contestant Rahul Dev attempts to cause with her and say that she is reaching oversensitive.bigg-boss

Nitibha and Priyanka Jagga also got into a fight words as Priyanka the monitor of the task requested Manoj to empty Nitibha test tube. Monaj requested Nitibha to quiet down since she has to talk to others and without fighting with them to win the captaincy. Afterward, she was annoyed with Om Swami. Also, he said to all the housemates that Nitibha does not likely to hit Priyanka in any task.

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30 November 2016: The day in Bigg Boss house, you might see the contestant Om Swami personality. Yesterday, another characteristic of his personality was exposed by housemates Manoj Punjabi and Manveer, and precisely the fact that Om Swami has been stealing from other contestants.

He has stolen toiletries and spoons from the house and faith Om Swami to come up with a clarification though for that. Om Swami said that he is saving the toiletries for his daughter Priyanka Jagga, and spoon was to save him from ‘asoor shakti’!

In the house uncertain of her position, Priyanka Jagga attempts to join her old gang group Om Swami, Manoj Punjabi and Manveer in the house. In the center of her efforts, she hurt Mona Lisa by cautioning her to stay on her edge. The advice didn’t go well with contestant Mona Lisa. Both the contestants were got into an ugly spoken spat. While Manoj Punjabi attempt to interfere, however, both were adamant on proving the other wrong.bigg-boss

Captain of the house Rohan Mehra was deposed because of incident happen in the house. Rohan becomes failed to fulfill his responsibilities, and he was barred from being captain for the whole season of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss was infuriated by the causes that Rohan gave for failing to do his duties. He requested to the Bigg Boss that as a captain he need more power so that he could manage the housemates properly.

Contestants Om Swami couldn’t hold back his cry after being mark as a thief by the member in the house. Manveer tried to console him, and Manoj Punjabi spoke his favourite words that no one will say whatever to Om Swami until he is in the house.bigg-boss

Bani friend sent a protein cake for her birthday, and she was very happy for a sweet treat. All the contestants were excited; she cut the cake and shared the first slice with her best friend, Gaurav Chopra. However, Rohan was distress with Bani’s self-centered manners because she told all the housemates not to eat the cake without her permission.

Contestants Mona and Manoj talk about the timetable of Nitibha from morning till night. They talk about how she changes her group by the end of the day. Manu speaks more to Monalisa that how Nitibha stay away from them whole day however when the day come to an end, she gets closer to Manveer.

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29 November 2016: In the evening contestants wake up to the song ‘Muqabla Muqabla’. Swami, Manveer, Priyanka and Manu get into a discussion about Mona Lisa. Priyanka says to Manu that he should not support Mona since it does not appear right outside the house. Manu, Manveer, and Mona converse about contestants Priyanka and both of them recommend Mona not to trust anyone what is saying. Swami eats and says that he will eat non-vegetarian till he stays in the house. All of them make fun of Swami since he gets his challenge made from Lopa. He shows off his new look to the prisoners.

Manveer, Manu, Lopa and others contestants make fun of Elena and Jason. Rohan claims Om Swami because of stealing a cycle, outside the house which was said by Sahil to him. Swami disagrees it and also says that it is all false.

Bigg Boss declares to the wild card entrant’s challenger to challenge one nominated contestant. The challengers take the name, Jason challenge Gaurav, Elena challenge Nitibha, Priyanka challenge Bani and Sahil challenge Rahul.bigg-boss-10

Contestant Manveer safe from the nominations since wild card entrant did not take his name. Gaurav announces about the task ‘The Dome’ playing rules that both the challengers must stay in a dome and who ever come out first will lose the game.

The contestants who lose the game will directly get nominated this week. The contestants who want to save their favorite contestant can take part in the task and will able to disturb or help. All the challenger will get locked in the dome, and Rahul quits the game since he wants to pee, and Sahil wins the game, and also Elena loses the task and Nitibha wins.

Manu went to talk with Priyanka, and she starts flirting with him. Priyanka said that I have already spoken with your wife and she is okay with it. Now you are getting two Priyanka. She told Manu that she is her wife and Bani is her sister-in-law. Lopa said to Manu that to keep a distance from Priyanka since it can become dangerous for Manu and Manu’s friendship.bigg-boss-10

Jason loses the challenge in the task to Gaurav since he exits from the dome. Currently, Bani J and Priyanka Jagga were left in the competition. Both are giving a strongly fight each other.

Gaurav Chopra feels Rohan for treating when both of them were in the dome. Priyanka and Bani were fighting each other even in 3:30 morning. Both of them were congratulating each other for staying in the dome for a long time. Bani declared that she willingly want to lose the game since she wants the Priyanka to win the game. Bani congratulates Priyanka for being such a hard contender and take an exit from the dome.

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26 November 2016: The day was started with Bigg Boss asking captain Rohan to mention the four contestant’s name who could not do well in the luxury budget task. He nominated Nitibha Kaul, Monalisa, Lopmudra and Om Swami. Om Swami didn’t go down well since he refused to accept his punishment. He kept his eyes at Rohan and called him as ‘Prince of India.’

During the discussion with the contestants Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra, Bani said that she saw Monalisa and Manveer are getting close when the light became off last night. Bigg Boss begins for the four contestants who have performed roughly in the luxury budget task. They requested to sit inside the cubicles which were kept in the garden area, and Rohan has to stand behind them on the podium. Each contestant has to tie the rope on their left hands and act as Rohan’s puppet. Rohan had to pull their line to which he wanted to punish, and also kept three drawers in front of each contestant which had one punishment in it.

While discipline power given by captain Rohan, he picks Om Swami to eat two slabs of butter, another contestant is given the punishment to be on a stretcher all the time. Again Rohan chooses Om Swami. Suddenly, Om Swami got angry and started questioning Rohan’s background.bigg-boss

Gaurav and Rahul shouted at Om Swami not to attack anyone’s family at any cost. Rohan again allowed punishment to send someone to jail and he chooses Nitibha. She also opposes and asked Rohan to find it cleaned by someone. Mona and Gaurav spoke about Swami that how he was mistreatment Rohan and how everyone must protest him for a few days.

Mona questions Gaurav that why he didn’t lift objection when Swami speaks against her. Gaurav said sorry to Monalisa. Afterward, Bigg Boss called Swami inside the confession room, and he got warned with Bigg Boss for his misbehave inside the house.

Mainly, he got warned to have a filter on his mouth; however, he didn’t change his behavior at all again he continued to get off.

Currently, there are 10 contestants in Bigg Boss 10 house which is divided into two teams Indiawale and Celebs. Team Indiawale contestants Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Om Swami and Nitibha and team Celebs contestants are Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani and Rahul Dev.

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25 November 2016: The reality show of Bigg Boss 10 has the past for six weeks, now Bigg Boss has started taking a fee on celebrities to those who have stayed quiet or shown the immense strength of character. Om Swami is look like a trigger. The 24 November episode, contestants Rahul Dev has lost his cool when Om Swami blame him for stealing gold in the gold mine task, the luxury budget task of the week. Meanwhile, after a fight with Om Swami, Nitibha Kaul, and Monalisa, contestants VJ Bani went on a totally emotional tangent.

Contestants Om Swami was acting in last night episode when it comes sharing about the workload performing tasks. Rohan, the captain of Bigg Boss house and also the ‘malik’ of the mine, when he requests to turn out their pockets to see that anyone took gold from the mine. Om Swami quietly said that he’s hidden gold was somewhere else at which the actor lashes out at the so-called godman and blame him for turning.bigg-boss

Rahul turn out blaming was true, but in Om Swami hand there was no gold. After that Rohan had asked Om Swami to return the gold, Om Swami declined and said that he found gold inside the house and he has not taken from the gold mine directly. But no one believed him.

However, for contestants VJ Bani it was a bad day in the Bigg Boss house, which is given to cook food, complaining that wash their dishes after a meal over since she found the kit in the sink. Monalisa, in particular, took offense and unsurprisingly they were at no loss for words. When Bani had a quarrel with Nitibha Kaul and also finally with Om Swami, Bigg Boss has captured as Bani crying by hiding with her jacket.

In the end, Bigg Boss has announced that the task of the luxury budget had finished and lauded Rohan because of his performance. Whereas Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra were criticism for their terrible performance, since they have a secret task to steal half of the gold collected by Rohan. Bigg Boss said that they were unsuccessful since they have expressed about the secret task and could not keep it from others. Manu indicates and says that he has no idea and he was not supposed to tell anyone about the secret tasks.bigg-boss

Whereas Priyanka Jagga, who has became eliminated in the first week will re-enter the house with a recent plan. Now she will re-join the Indiawale team and also international supermodel will make stronger to team celebs like Russian model-actor Elena Kazan, Jason Shah and Indian actor Sahil Anand, who is also the competitor of VJ Bani form in MTV Roadies.

Presently, there are 10 contestants in Bigg Boss 10 house and also divided in two Indiawale and Celebs. Team Indiawale contestants Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Om Swami and Nitibha and team Celebs contestants are Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani and Rahul Dev.

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24 November 2016: The contestants of Bigg Boss 10 understand that they need to do amazing to get support from the viewers only when the blade of expulsion droops around their neck. The only contestants are Nitibha who becomes dynamic when she gets nominated. She got a fight with Swami Om and Rohan without any reason on Wednesday. At first, she quarrels with Om Swami who was busy performing the task give to him and after that with Rohan who tried to reason with her.

Both Manoj Punjabi and LopaMudra might get forgotten about the secret task, or they may not hear or understood clearly about the instruction of Bigg Boss as both of them prepared it quite understandable that they are going to do something. Contestants Rohan knew Lopamudra had given a task as she was acting strange around him.bigg-boss 10

Manoj Punjabi start going a step in front as he secretly told Om Swami and Manveer about their secret task for stealing the treasure from the Rohan’s locker. Lopamudra was observing in two minds as she doesn’t want to cheat his friend Rohan. Om Swami once again takes the limelight as he sincerely spoils in the task given to him by the Bigg Boss. He also forgot which he needs to make by Rohan’s instruction and also for whom he is doing the task. So how can thing that Bigg Boss is not mentioned, Swami Om?

When the light went off, Lopamudra started stealing gold from the locker which she has tied with the rope herself.  Whereas Manveer and Manoj kept on, check the housemates who were in a deep slumber after a tiring day inside the house. However, Rohan get up to observe Lopamudra that she stands near the locker.bigg-boss 10

However, Manveer again creates Swami Om a ram of his realistic jokes. He wants Swami to come out in the clothes which were given by the Bigg Boss for the gold mine task while Swami is resolute that he will only wear his own clothes. Manveer touches Swami’s clothes and walks out, but Om Swami says on which he need to come out with Bigg Boss clothes. Lopamudra’s dances with the song ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ and again she set the temperature of the house towering since she tried to make impress the master of the house Rohan and his trust so that she can perform her secret task easily.

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bigg-boss 10

23 November 2016: Since part of the viral video task, Monaj Punjabi, and Mona Lisa place a romantic act between a master and his maid when Lopa enters as Manu’s wife. They two start pulling each other’s hair that leads to a pull of war with Manu in between.

Manu, Rohan Mehra, and Lopa get drunk off with Swami for main his clothes to Rahul. Contestants Bani plays a reporter who is going to take interview Swami. They place an entertaining act to make laugh Sunny. She shows how amazed she is with the action and team Bani win the second act.

Now the second act is in a bathtub, so Bigg Boss announces that the team Bani will go first of the act. Contestants Rahul gave advice that they will do smart action scene representing Swami as ‘tharki’ baba. Team Bani have decided that they will act spoof video how steamy scenes are shot in Bollywood.bigg-boss 10

Afterward, Bani and Gaurav place in the bathtub with Rahul’s even interference. Rahul plays the role of director of a film. The film shoot finished with Bani kissing Gaurav who felt weak after that. She leaves the tub with Rahul next to her, Nitibha and Manveer quarrel with Rahul because of leaving them out of all the decision and acts.

Om Swami plays the role as ‘ayaash’ Baba that conceited about him. Lopa and Mona Lisa flirt with him since he told that he could put women under sleeping with him. Mona and Lopa haul off the smart operation act impressing Sunny. The team of Lopa has won the next act since Swami told Lopa that he place his character at stake for this.

Bigg Boss has announced the next task saying that a toss will choose that who will perform first of the tasks given.  The contestants have to make a video with cut outs to the opposite team members; Lopa wins the toss. The team has started a discussion about the act. A team of Lopa has crosses the line since they have pointed out the worst qualities in the contestants whereas Bani’s team puts up a dramatic action.bigg-boss 10

Sunny Leone enters the house to announce the result of the last video. Bigg Boss requested Sunny to announce the final. She says that the task was only to entertain. Finally, Lopa team have won the task. Bigg Boss congratulated Lopa team and stated that their team safe from nominations, but team Bani is nominated for the eliminations. Sunny Leone gift the signature perfume to the winning team, afterward Sunny announce that they should perform a viral video together.

The contestants were gathered in the garden are to carry out a Sholay scene. Sunny dance the songs of Sholay film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan.’ Manu speaks to Sunny as “maal” to which Bani object Manu, he said if Sunny doesn’t have any problem, then why she hoisting an objection. But Sunny stop in between and leaves the house by saying goodbye to all. Bani and other contestants said Om Swami that does not touch the female visitor without their permission.

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18 November 2016: In Bigg Boss 10 house it has been a change of guard. VJ Bani captaincy was ended on last night’s episode, and the name has passed to the teammate Rohan Mehra. He won the tasks place by Bigg Boss which he is defeating Rahul Dev, Lopamudra Raut, and Karan Mehra and then chosen by the other contestants. The outgoing captain of Bigg Boss 10 are Lokesh Kumari, Bani, and Gaurav Chopra; this three were not allowed to compete for the captaincy.

Tasks set by Bigg Boss

The tasks that Bigg Boss put difficult balancing on a see-saw with a potted plant, the role of race in which they had to revolve on the floor to the finishing line.  Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra both were equally done well in the tasks, both of them were really striking.bigg-boss 10

Tasks between Karan Mehra and Lopamudra Raut

In the tasks, Karan and Lopamudra have to balance a potted plant on a see-saw by using their one leg. But Bani tried her best to divert Lopamudra so that Karan might win however he lost his balance first.

Tasks between Rohan Mehra and Rahul Dev

Before tasks, Bigg Boss asked Rohan and Rahul to select the supporter who’d enfold plastic sheet on the contender, and after that, they’d have to compete with the finishing line. Rahul decides Lopamudra and Rohan select Gaurav as their supporters. Contestants Rohan won the tasks.bigg-boss 10

The deadlock was set on by Bigg Boss who teaches the housemates to choose between Rohan and Lopamudra either by conversation and common permission or by voting. In spite of the support of Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Monalisa, Lopamudra Raut lost to Rohan Mehra – he was excited, she wasn’t.

Contestants Lokesh Kumari and Gaurav Chopra were disqualified from challenging for the captaincy since they were selected to their teams as weak players on previous tasks Lock Down.

VJ Bani was blamed on her team, gave up the captain’s bed to contestants Rohan. Bani had made difficult for Manveer, Manu, and Lokesh.

In the meantime, contestants Om Swami question to Gaurav why Nitibha used to wear a short dress and was roundly scold for commenting on women’s clothes.

In Bigg Boss 10 house, presently 12 contestants were left and also divided into two teams Indiawale and celebs. Team Indiawale members Manu, Nitibha, Lokesh, Om Swami and Manveer. In team celebs, members are Monalisa, Bani, Gaurav, Rohan, Karan, Rahul and Lopamudra.


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