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24 May 2017: Bollywood playback singers Abhijeet Bhattacharya was suspended his twitter account after he posted a string of “offensive” tweets over women. The romantic singer had received much flak on the social media site for a series of inflammatory tweets against the journalist.

But, after Bhattacharya twitter account suspended, Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam announced on Wednesday that he will quit Twitter and has urged all “logical and sensible patriots” to do the same, reported IANS.

Abhijeet Bhatterjee

Tweets following the suspension of singer Bhattacharya’s micro-blogging account, Sonu Nigam tweeted, “I quit Twitter today in defiance of this one-sided sham.”

He said, “One could disagree with Abhijeetda’s language but isn’t Shehla’s accusation that BJP has a sex racket, provocation enough to supporters?”

Nigam asked “If his account is deleted, why not her? And the other morons who hurl… abuses to every achiever?”

Bhattacharya abused some women user, mainly JNU student-activist Shehla Rashid. Talking openly about sex scandals involving BJP leaders Shehla was “abused by Abhijeet and hundreds of Sanghi trolls,” she said in a statement.

Abhijeet Bhatterjee

Abhijeet has tweeted: “There is a rumor she took money in advance for two hours and didn’t satisfy the client. Big racket.”

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Abhijeet said to PTI that it is an unclear decision taken by Twitter, whether temporary or permanent, “Author Arundhati Roy and people supporting JNU. Yes, I just saw it. They are trying to block Paresh Rawal also. All Arundhati and JNU group behind this after Paresh Rawal and I tweeted against Arundhati for her anti-India stand.”

aditya roy kapur

Three years later, when actor Aditya Roy Kapur played the guitar in film ‘Aashiqui 2’, many viewers who actually believed the performance was for original. And also the track is not off. The actors exposed when he was in St. Xavier’s College, they had a band and recalled to perform a show at St. Cathedral’ for a 12th standard farewell bash. He laughs and says, “Of course, the main reason for going was to see the girls.

However, he confesses that not only playing guitar and singing, but even he also composed 40 songs.

Aditya talks about his first hit, he memorizes the director Mohit Suri, he said about into studio and recording a track with him; he admits that “Later, I played a few of these soon to-be-chartbusters for the unit, and Shraddha (Kapoor) insisted I do something with this talent of mine. She’s always been encouraging, but I treated music as a hobby and never pursued it seriously.”aditya roy kapur

Aditya had started planning to make his own album next year; he informs about his own album, “It’ll be in English, some form of rock, with songs I’ve written and guitar, drums and electronic,” he added that his interested in giving playback only when his voice improves the composition.

He wants to work a little more as he’s happiest on a film position. He already set his upcoming movie ‘Ok Jaanu’ Hindi remake of Mani Ratnam’s 2015 Tamil romantic drama, ‘O Kadhal Kanmani,’ which lead by Dulquer Salmaan. He admits that he loved the original version which was blown away by the performances, however, claim that the fact in Hindi might change a few things.

According to the sources, he justifies “The blueprint given to us was pure gold and much as I loved the original, the idea was just to be myself. It’s a relevant subject; I see a lot of my friends grappling with the same questions, unsure about whether to live in and get to know your partner better or take the plunge. Our film doesn’t make a case for live-in relationships nor does it run down marriages. It just juxtaposes one against the other seamlessly through the lives of two couples.”aditya roy kapur

His opt, “For me, there’s no right or wrong. Just do things your way,” he declares that “Everyone wants companionship, that’s why the institution of marriage is celebrated. But as far as I’m concerned, forget to talk about it, I avoid even thinking about marriage. The day I meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and feel I’m ready for it, I’ll think about it.”

As per the reports, the murmur is that getting severe of a makeup artist, Marianna Mukuchyan, “She’s just a friend. We got clicked a couple of times, and people put two and two together. I’m happily single, thank you.”

Actor Aditya states that there was a rumor about Shraddha and him, even talks of engagement, whether these rumors ever made them awkward with each other? He claims”Never! As a public figure you learn to take such conjectures in your stride, and as an actor, it comes with the job. For three years these rumors have come up and morphed into different stories. Now we don’t even acknowledge them.”

12 October 2016:  Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt film ‘Dear Zindagi’ the filmmaker and it have released teaser video was obtaining an excellent response from the viewers. The trailer for the film ‘Dear Zindagi’ can be viewed only for 1 minute and 30 seconds. The chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt is sweet.

In the meantime, this Upcoming movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ is directed by the Gauri Shinde which produced the three set of Karan Johar, Gauri Shinde and Gauri Khan in the production of Dharma Productions, Red Chillies Entertainment, and Hope Productions.dear-zindagi

In this ‘Dear Zindagi’ film apart from the stars Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, the features of the movie like Siddharth Shukla, Kunal Kapoor, Aditya Roy, and Angad Bedi.

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan take this twitter handle to make the small tricky of the upcoming movie that he wrote “And so it begins. The sweet journey of life… Here you go, @aliaa08. #DearZindagiTake1.”

The film ‘Dear Zindagi’ will be the second time of Alia Bhatt towards social media to pull fans about her upcoming movie gently.dear-zindagi

It is learned that Dear Zindagi h’ as four teasers which is going to release one by one. The first teaser titled as “Life Is A Game” has already exposed out, and right now all the fans must wait for the third trailers video of “Dear Zindagi.” The upcoming film ‘Dear Zindagi’ is going to release on November 25 and all the fans are excitedly waiting for to watch the movie.

Watch the trailer video here:-

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19 October 2016: Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar said that “For me, my country comes first, nothing else matters to me but my country,” breaking his quiet on the line on his upcoming film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.’ Karan Johar has spoken a ‘deep sense of hurt and pain’ by the allege creature by anti-national.

According to the sources, Karan Johar added that “I condemn terror in the strongest terms, I respect our Army, for me, the country comes first. The reason why I remained silent is that of a deep sense of pain.”karan-johar

Karan Johor, first directional film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, more added that “The best way to express your patriotism is to spread love and that’s all I have ever tried to do through my work and cinema.”

The previous day, famous industry veterans as well as director Mukesh Bhatt meet up with Mumbai Police Commissioner Dattatray Padsalgikar and also Joint Police Commissioner Deven Bharti, who guaranteed to provide the protection to theaters showing next film of Dharma Production.

The meeting was held in (MNS) Maharashtra Navnirman Sena indirect risk of damage to cinema complex if they show the movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.’ Eminent persons present in the meeting were like CEO of Fox Star Studios Vijay Singh, chief executive officer of Dharma Production Apoorva Mehta and CEO of Disney India and the UTV Motion Pictures Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Avoided for a long time whether the film will release or not, Mukesh Bhatt confirmed that the movie would release and hit theaters in worldwide on October 28.

As per the reports, he said that “We will see to it that no untoward incident happens and the release of the film is not hampered in any way.” Again he added that “They also wants to convey an unyielding message through their PR department to every common man and people in an exhibiting sector that we are there to support you so if anybody would intend to do any controversial incidence, they will be taking care of it.”karan-johar

Arrive out towards (MNS) Maharashtra Navnirman Sena workers, the filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt advice them to show the quality about the fact of that film which has already completed and let the movie show on Diwali festival issue for all.

Mukesh Bhatt said that “I have a request as a fellow Indian to my brothers in the MNS, I am humbly asking you to let us entertain people on the occasion of Diwali.” More he added that “Why are we Indians fighting one another? We are one, we are Indians, let us not get fragmented and let the terrorists feel that they have won by separating us. I know they are upset, we are also angry, but we are helpless as the movie has already made. So, be a little sensitive about that and let’s together celebrate a happy Diwali.”

As per the reports, the CEO of Fox Star Studios Vijay Singh Said to the Police Commissioner has certain to full support of state machinery to make sure that there will be no annoying post on release of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.’

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18 October 2016: The Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan stated that, in his personal life he has left through a lot of ups and downs and has been depression, however, it is a little that must not describe. Hrithik’s says that subject relating towards mental health should speak carelessly and it is not the little thing that you can’t treat.

According to the sources, Hrithik’s said to the reporters that “I’ve been through my ups and downs. I have experienced depression; I have experienced confusion, as we all do. It’s a very normal thing. We should be very casual about it when we speak about it. It should be talked about casually.”hrithik

Bollywood actor Hrithik’s Roshan was talking at the opening of M Power’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ campaign that urges people to accept and clash with mind illnesses.

Bollywood actor said about his high and low which he has experience that “I have experienced issue in my personal life, we all go through ups and downs. The ups are necessary; the downs are also important because you evolve through both of them.

As per the reports, the Bollywood actors Hrithik’s said that “When you go through a down then the most important thing is clarity of thought. Sometimes your brain takes over, feeds you with unwanted thoughts. That’s the time you need objectivity, a third or second person to look at you and say this is what is happening to you.”hrithik

Hrithik Roshan said that he observe numerous of his friends that noiselessly battle depression and also other psychological issues that encouraged him to excavate deep into the substance.

Hrithik’s added more that “This is something which was on my mind for years. I always questioned this stigma (around mental illness). I have seen my friends suffer in silence and it bothered me to a level where I started asking questions and stumbled upon some great issues in that search.”

“About, why when we are suffering from stomach or kidney problem, we are so fresh and casual about it. Why when we have a problem with the brain, which is also an organ, we get scared and feel as if it is our fault and we need to hide it from people. Everybody at some point in life is going to go through some mental issue.”

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17 October 2016: Actress Neha Sharma is ready for her romantic upcoming movie Tum Bin 2 that advertise because of her return, she said that the Tum Bin 2 movie was “disappointed” with the presents.

The Actress Neha Sharma has complete her Bollywood first appearance with the star Emraan Hashmi film Crook in the year 2010, and after that, she observed in many films like Jayant Bhai Ki Luv  Story, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, and Youngistaan.tum-bin 2

According to the sources, Neha Sharma says that she was attempting to make enough that she offered stated that “I didn’t think they (offers) were what I truly deserved. They were not truly exciting or satisfying. I picked the best from whatever I was offered and tried doing things which would help me. It was a bit disappointing. I’ve come to terms with the fact that, you are as good as your last film. That is with every actor, no matter how big or small. People tend to weigh your talent or potential by your last release.”

The Actress-talk about the liberty which she doesn’t have to pick and choose that actresses have, however, it is really satisfied with her journey in the film industry which have stated her Telugu entrance in the year 2007. She said that “A Vidya and a Kangana will have a hundred things to pick from which will be fantastic, but for an actor who is just beginning and hasn’t made a mark already, things will be difficult. I consider myself still an outsider. I am still trying to know how to works. It ‘s hard to understand how things work but it has been a great journey.”tum-bin 2

In this film Tum Bin 2, the things of Neha Sharma have seemed a good amount of murmur, gratitude to its strong story of Tum Bin 2.

The first Tum Bin film released in the year 2001 13 July, which was directed by Anubhav Sinha was hit at the box office and now still has devoted all the fans for next part due to the Melody and heart-touching story.

As per the reports, actress Neha said that she is not worried concerning the followers which were hope for the film and she desire to work the movie for all the hard work team has set in. She said that “There’s no nervousness regarding what is going to happen with the film. I’ve seen highest of highs and lows. That doesn’t bother me. But you are nervous that you want the movie, in which you’ve put in so much to work.”

The film Tum Bin 2, which was directed by the Anubhav Sinha and also the new stars like Aditya Seal and Ashim Gulati. The film Tum Bin 2 will surely hit all the theaters on November 11.

Watch here the Trailer video of Tum Bin 2:

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17 October 2016: Amitabh Bachchan daughter Shweta Bachchan-Nanda is frequently requesting that ‘What makes her father Amitabh Bachchan cool?’ and she senses that her father is a creative adaptor to altering for today’s generation. Her father Amitabh Bachchan gets his blog to share on his 73rd birthday touching letter ballpoint with his daughter, and Shweta explains about what is gets to be “living legend” that her father is.shweta

As per the reports, Shweta Bachchan-Nanda wrote that “After many hours of agonizing over the correct answer to the question ‘What makes your dad COOL?’ it dawns on me that there is no secret formula. He is a prolific adaptor to changing circumstances. It is as simple and as complicated as that. He harbors none of the disdain age has for youth: he doesn’t screw up his nose to the music, art or sartorial sensibilities of the generations that have succeeded him. In fact, he’s adjusted himself to find harmony in all of it. He is never outdated, be it the newest technological fad- the Apple Watch, for instance- or mastering social media. He’s on top of it all, and he’s terrific at it.”

She appreciates about Bachchan’s aptitude wrote that “He educates himself with what is prevalent, and that’s how he remains in touch with the times. I have seen him engage in a room full of young achievers one night, over dinner, at filmmaker Karan Johar’s place. He had them enthralled, but the beauty of it was that it was he who went home having learned the most. He has the discipline of his generation coupled with the ambition and energy of this one. He’s a thinking man’s James Bond, without the braggadocio.”shweta

According to the sources, Shweta describes the acting as “gladiator’s pit” of her father that “His popularity has stood the test of time many smear campaigns, a brief encounter with politics (which he regrets until this day), a near-fatal accident, a graying goatee, and a change of address. His arena of work is like a gladiator’s pit; it’s you against the beasts, and if you manage to end the day alive then glory is yours.

“My father has done this for four decades. And he manages to stay relevant even today, working in an industry that is largely youth-based and capricious. He’s gone from ‘Angry Young Man’ to ‘Living Legend,’ epithets he is shy to accept even in private, even with me.”

Amitabh Bachchan has made good performance currently released film “Pink,” and now he is going to start working with Ram Gopal Varma’s film Sakar 3.

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14 October 2016: On the occasion of Dussehra, the grandson of singer Nitin Mukesh actor Neil Nitin Mukesh makes an engagement with Mumbai-based girl Rukmini Sahay. These will be an arranged marriage for the actor Neil Nitin Mukesh. The wedding might be in the early next year 2017.

Neil Nitin Mukesh wife Rukmini Sahay used to works in the aircraft industry and also the families, which identity well both, determined to celebrate family members currently.neil

Neil Nitin Mukesh father Nitin Mukesh said that Neha, Nishi, Naman and I are delighted. Neil Nitin Mukesh is a relatively old school in his ways is a definite supporter of the typical school of consideration while it approaches the fearful organization of marriage.


According to the source, Neil Nitin Mukesh father Nitin Mukesh said that “Neil left the decision of finding his life partner in his parents trusted hands and there could not have been a better match for him than Rukmini.”

“Rukmini has already won the hearts of the family of Mukesh with her upbringing and simplicity. She reflects the values and traditions that Neil has been raised with and compliments him in every way possible. The celebrations to the final countdown have already begun”.

So, all the best to both couple Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay.

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13 October 2016: The star of ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’ Sushant Singh Rajput decided towards individually react to all the remark and observe made about the film on his public media side. Whereas he was lying around the commend which most observes had, it’s evident that the actor-film maker Rajat Kapoor’s comment did not petition greatly to him.sushant

Rajat Kapoor marks that “Dhoni looks so much better than the actor who plays him.#fact.” Sushant replies angrily that “I slogged a bit extra on my skills to compensate. If you get interested in that, pls do watch the film sirJ#fact”.

Earlier than Sushant Singh could react, the actor’s followers wrote on the page hateful messages to Rajat Kapoor, mistreatment him and his fans asking him to mind his business. The Filmmaker happily preserved good manners and didn’t present towards the productive bashing, custody his comment whole.

Sushant Singh Rajput wrote that “They are not my fans sir, I don’t have many. They just like good filmsJ Ps- You were excellent in Kapoor & sons.sushant

Rajat Kapoor watched the film and wrote to Sushant Singh Rajput that “@itsSSrJ I believe your performance is fab in the movie and man, your fan following is huge!! Best wishes, Sushant.” Sushant Singh replied to Rajat Kapoor that “They are not my fans sir, I don’t have many. They just like good filmsJ Ps.- You were excellent in  Kapoor & sons”.

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13 October 2016: “Pink” is the latest release film of Taapee Pannu which succeed final approval. Now, she is arranging the upcoming of her movie “Ghazi” that she says will be single of its kind.

The actress gave the statement to the IANS through the phone from Hyderabad that “I am very proud to a part of that film (‘Ghazi’). It’s going to be one of its kinds. India’s first submarine movie based on a real incident of how the (Pakistani) Ghazi submarine sunk.”taapsee

Sankalp Reddy the film, which too celebrity “Baahubali: The Beginning” star Rana Daggubati is advertised to be the India’s first submarine film that resolve be concerning the dropping of PNS Ghazi, a Pakistani submarine.taapsee

As per the reports, Taapee Pannu talk about the role in Ghazi said that “I play a Bangladeshi refugee and the film is due to release soon. I think it is undergoing some graphic work. It is the only period film I have done so far.” She said that it is different other era dramas “It is not a conventional costume drama period film. It is something absorbing”.


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24 May 2017: Bollywood playback singers Abhijeet Bhattacharya was suspended his twitter account after he posted a string of “offensive” tweets over women. The...