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05 November 2016: Indian cricketer strong opener Rohit Sharma has been lined out for the upcoming home Test series against England due to injurious of his right upper quadriceps tendon. Now he will be taking rest for the next 12 weeks. However, Sharma was present at an opening in Mumbai. In an interview with TOI, he makes known that India is the No. 1 Test team in the world.rohit-sharma

Media sources asked Rohit Sharma and his response

You’ve somehow had bad timing as far as injuries are concerned. Even your Test debut postponed in 2010. With England here, it would’ve been a great challenge for you. How disappointed are you?

Yes, obviously it’s very disappointing. I don’t want to think too much about it because there’s nothing much I can do. It’s not like this is the end of my career. But yes, the timing of the injury was unfortunate.

Our batting line-up looks settled. There’s no excuse to say we are a young team. We’ve played more than 20 Tests in the last 2-3 years, and guys have gained confidence.

Your batting position doesn’t always allow you the opportunity to score tons. Does it bother you?

Sometimes yes, may be. Because sometimes you see the team has scored enough and they want to declare. So you have to play your shots and make sure you reach the target that your team needs. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there’s any opportunity to score a century. We’ve got good lower middle-order batsmen like Saha, R Ashwin and Jadeja. That means I don’t have to score my runs quickly and can play with ease.

You scored 70 against New Zealand in Vizag at more than a run a ball when others were struggling. Often you come up with such knocks.

I did what I like to do at the top of the order. I want to be a destructive opener who wants to give a flying start to the team.  But see again, the kind of shots I play, I will have those failures. I’m working on being consistent to get the team through all the time. People outside have a lot of expectations, but the most important things are what the team wants. My main right now is to be consistent in all formats.rohit-sharma

India’s batting line-up gradually seems to be setting down.                       

Our batting line-up at the moment has pretty much settled in the Test arena. If you spoke to me about this two or three years ago when guys like Sachin and VVS retired and then we came and took their place, I would have given a different answer. But now we’ve got the hang of Test matches. So there’s no excuse anymore that we are a young team and so on. We’ve played more than 20 Tests in 2-3 years, and the guys have gained enough confidence.

You’ve played with Hardik Pandya for Mumbai Indians and as well as in the shorter format at the international level. What’s your view of him?

He’s got everything that one needs to be playing at this level. He’s got the ingredients to be a successful all-rounder. But it’s a long way ahead. I hope he keeps his focus right. You know, he’s a very confident human being. He doesn’t worry too much what is happening outside. It helps him to focus on things.

A year full of demanding Test assignments at home is awaited. Do you believe a season like this will help a young team gain in confidence as they prepare for overseas challenges in future?

Absolutely! The more matches you play, the more you gain confidence. But playing outside India is a different ball game altogether. Everything is so different there. I think India never had such a season playing 13 Test matches at home in a 7-month period. So it’s bound to be a big plus.rohit-sharma

Lastly what influence does Virat Kohli have as a captain?

I think he’s someone who believes in pushing and backing players. It’s what MS Dhoni used to do. I think every captain would want a player to have a good run and settle down. His influence on the team, and not just me, is great. If your captain is on your side and gives you freedom, then that’s all that matters. He’s still new to captaincy, so it’s going to take him some time to settle.

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04 November 2016: Indian cricket team and all-rounder players Hardik Pandya said that Rahul Dravid has guided him throughout the Australia tour and made him “mentally stronger.”

According to the sources, On Thursday Hardik Pandya said that “For me, everything changed after my tour of Australia with the India A team. It is a tour that transformed me as a cricketer. I can’t but thank Rahul Dravid enough for his contribution. I understood that there is a mental aspect about the game that needs to be worked upon. He (Dravid) made me mentally stronger.”

“I don’t think I have learned more than what I did during those one and half months under Rahul sir. He would tell me about things that I need to try out. I was mentally strong, but after interacting with him, I understood that I could get even better. If my bowling is being talked about today, it’s because of Rahul sir and Paras Mhambrey (India A bowling coach).”

According to him teaming is the biggest day of his life, he said that “Playing Test cricket is ultimate for anyone and I are no different. Yes, this is my biggest achievement till date. In fact, yesterday the Baroda team was traveling to Raipur for their Ranji game. I told the boys that let me stay back in Mumbai for a day. If I don’t get selected, I will join you guys next day. It was the happiest moment.”hardik-pandya

He talks concerning on his bowling; he said that “The more you practice the craft, better you get at it. I bowled so much in Australia that it yielded a result when I was back with the senior team, I became more consistent, hit the right length. The increase in pace has got a lot to do with the rhythm. If I am in rhythm, the pace will automatically increase by a few yards. The more I play at this level, the better I will get.”

Hardik Pandya has played the match with the white ball (T20s and ODIs) with the highest level and he confidently can make the red cherry talk, “The Red SG Test does more than the white Kookaburra. So, as a bowler, I have more opportunity to use variations. I back myself as a proper new ball bowler, and I believe that I can use the reverse swing to good effect also.”

Hardik Pandya said with an element of conviction in his statement “I used to bat at No 3 for Baroda and then I have been batting at No 5 in Ranji Trophy. I have to be realistic that in the Indian team, I can’t bat at No 5. I would be probably batting at No 8 or 9. I am ready to bat at any position.”hardik-pandya

Indian A team bowling coach Mhambrey also repeats of Pandya sentiments

Mhambrey said that “Since I and Rahul go back a long way, it was easy to share the workload regarding Hardik. Rahul focussed on the mental aspect, and he gave me a freehand in dealing with the technical aspect of his bowling.”

Indian A team bowling coach Mhambrey complicated “What Rahul told me specifically is not to go for an overhaul of his action as the main emphasis is on performance part. I saw that there were times when his left hand (non-bowling arm) was dropping at the point of release. We fixed that. Also, there was a tendency to push the ball through during release.”

Bowling coach said that “What he needed for the increase in pace was a strong bowling action. We wanted him to get right on the ball during loading. We also worked that he comes closer to the stumps so that he can bowl the outswinger more effectively. At the end of the day, credit goes to Hardik because it is the player who needs to understand his own requirements and work hard on those aspects. A coach can at best help. That’s where Hardik scores,”

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14 October 2016: First ODI against New Zealand, the Indian cricketer communicated with the media in Dharamsala and said that concerning India’s group, odds in the sequence and his participation by the team.

He talks about his team and batting point

Ajinkya Rahane honestly said that “I will get to know after this practice session. Looking forward in this one-day series, we have done well in the Test series, won 3-0, but it’s important to start fresh here. Again I will say, momentum will be the key and winning the first match will be important to gain that momentum. I am really excited about the new guys coming into the team. It’s really energizing and everyone is looking in good shape. Guys have done well in the A series while few of them did well in the Ranji Trophy. I am really excited and looking forward to this series.”ajinkya

Ajinkya Rahane says about the adjustment from Tests series to ODIs

He stated that “I believe it’s completely mental adjustment because of professional cricketers like us, it’s important to adjust to any format. Whether it’s Test to T20 or one-day to Test. It’s important how we adjust mentally and getting used to the conditions will be, and is a big factor. We are tuned into that and actually experienced in doing that. We don’t really think about getting into one-day from Test or T20s. It’s all about how you deal with an individual situation, factor. I will stick to my strength and mental adjustment in ODIs will be the key.”

Talk about the Equilibrium of the side for Champions Trophy

Focusing on this series is important. There is still time for the Champions Trophy, still, a long way to go. As of now, it’s all about giving new guys confidence and opportunity to do well at the highest level. We are just looking at this series right now. We are going to play one match at a time and obviously win this series.ajinkya

He speaks about the team discipline for the ODI series

He said that “Discipline will be the key and the kind of cricket we played in Test series – our intent was aggressive all the time. So here again our intent will be to remain aggressive, play great cricket and play to our strengths rather than focussing on their strengths or weaknesses.”

Lastly, Ajinkya Rahane says about the role in the team

“I don’t believe in senior or junior. For me, it’s about learning at every step. I really learned a lot as a vice-captain. On the field, it’s important for you to stay alerted all the time because captain always thinks a lot and there are plenty of things going in his mind. So as a vice-captain it’s important to stay alerted all the time, and whatever inputs you have, you pass it on to your captain. We all learn from each other. As an individual, I will like to learn many things from all the boys, and if I have any inputs, I will definitely share with them.”

9th September 2016: Yuvraj Singh, an Indian Cricketer reveal that he would marry to Hazel Keech, his fiance by the first week of December. Yuvraj chooses the month of December because his birthday falls on 12th December and in order to match up with his birthday, he chooses the first week of December which will fall in and around the same time. But Yuvraj mother Shabnam Singh said that the date has not yet been confirmed.yuvi

Sources revealed that Yuvraj proposed to Hezel through a surprise dinner on a getaway in Bali in November 2015 and from there on they engaged. But even after a long period of their relation, In spite they remained silent regarding their marriage planning, since Yuvraj was busy with CC T20 World Cup 2016 and Indian Premier LeagueIn spite of that, he suffers a fatal ankle injury before IPL and could join the play only on May 6th.

Yuvraj, while talking regarding his marriage plan says to Bombay Times “It will happen in the first week of December. I will make an announcement soon.” Speaking about the marriage ceremonies, a source close to the family spilled the beans.”

Regarding his plan for a wedding ceremony, Yuvraj says “The elaborate Punjabi wedding will be held in Dubai. The reception will take place in the Capital. Since Hazle’s mother originally hails from Uttar Pradesh, the UP rituals will also be followed. Family and guests of the bride are expected to come over from Mauritius and UK. There may not be any function in Mumbai.”

It was reported that “Yuvraj will take a call on the trousseau. His designer friends are most likely to be roped in to design the outfits for the bride and the groom.”

Yuvraj fashion label foundation ‘YouWeCanFoundation’ launched at a Gala event in Mumbai, which was attended by many celebrities and cricketers.In the event, Chris Gayle a ‘Universe Boss’ walked a ramp show.

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test day

21 August 2016: On Friday, the 4th Test in Port of Spain has washes out due to rain. Indian team plans to put force under West Indies were failed due to rain on the second days play.

The final test match among India and West Indies was wash down because of rain fall. On Thursday, the fourth test match second day’s play just 22 overs were probable on the day 1 since the crowd completed the opening day at 62 by losing 2 wickets. Take the highlight of fourth test day’s two India vs West Indies.test day

06:48 hours (IST): at these hours, the welcome has start for the second day of 4th and final test between India and West Indies at Port of Spain.

O6:52 hours (IST): Contain win the toss and start batting first, West Indies completed a stable start ahead of Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin obtain two untimely wickets to place the crowd on backfoot. But, the rain started and the play have stop past 22 overs.

06:52 hours (IST): the great part of the outfield was almost got wet and the ground checker may be assumed at (local time) 10:30 pm.

09:11 hours (IST): For the meantime, the Port of Spain umpires immediately complete an inspection of the outfield and were not smiling. However, the next inspection would take lay at 10:30 pm (IST).test day

10:35 hours (IST): the wet outfield means so as to play is improbable to continue shortly today. However, the first session have been stop playing match was posponed the following days, and next inspection will be at 12 am (IST).

10:48 hours (IST): the days were not good for Cricket. But the first day of first test among New Zealand and South Africa are too stained by broke visibility. South Africa makes 236 runs by 8 wickets on stumps.

11:34 hour (IST): 26 minutes left for inspection. The team India will be dissatisfied as effects have not effort since for every of their plans.

11:56 hours (IST): Again started to rain and the cover brought hooked on the field.

00:00 hours (IST):  Due to rain fall the second day of 4th test have been miserable. The Indian captain, Virat Kohli seems to be frustrated since he was appearing overconfident towards force control in the initial time of the match. Virat Kohli said that, hope we get to see some action on Day 3 of the Test. So that’s all for today’s reporting, Good Night Said Captain Kohli.

On Friday, the bowlers of Indian team will seem to put pressure to the West Indies batsman on the rug of first match. Again on Thursday, Caribbean batting frailty outside, but the crowds would be frustrated to drop the two wickets on a sluggish path.

The Indian team bowlers would again blubber their prospect a ball hard and new.

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18 August 2016: On Tuesday, it was announced that the England aggressive batsman player James Vince dropped their one day international series which going to play against Pakistan team ODI.ODI

The England cricket team should be dissatisfied behind concluding the test series in a sketch. They should think dissatisfied since their bowlers fail towards handle the batsman of Pakistani.

However, currently under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan the act alters towards the incomplete above the cricket plus the three Lions may look to win the One-day international series.

Mainly, in the One-day International cricket series England have better a lot since their evidence speaks intended for themselves.ODI

On 16th August, England have announced that their One day International squad plus the leading highlight is the addition of Ben Stokes which has fail to spot the test series that going to play against Pakistan in October in Dubai due to a calf and knee injuries.

As per report the selector James Whitaker said that “Stokes is showing a lot of promise and is recovering from his injury and it looks like he will make hi present for the first One Day International match.”

According to the source, the selector more added that “we have also added Mark Wood who suffered ankle injury last year and was in rehabilitation progress, but now he is completely recovered and he will add more fire to the squad.”ODI

Mainly, England player Mark Wood is named in member 15 Squad to features against Pakistan One Day International team and he have played in September 2015 the last One day International game.

For the meantime, after distress their thumb injuries in domestic match t20 of Natwest t20 blast England player Eoin Morgan and Joss Buttler is also incorporated in the ODI squad.

On July, England spin bowler Dawson have completed an striking the international debut  against Sri Lanka at Southampton ground by taking 3 wickets in England’s plus 8 wicket win.


Captain- Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Liam Dawson, Jonny Bairstow, Chris Jordan, and Ben Stokes, Jason Roy, Chris Woakes, David Willey, Alex Hales, Mark Wood, Joe Root, Liam plunkett and Adil Rashid.

ODI England against Pakistan

August 24th – Southampton- 1st ODI

August 27th – Lord’s- 2nd ODI

August 30th – Trent Bridge- 3rd ODI

September 01- Headingley- 4th ODI

September 4th– Cardiff- 5th ODI


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