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15 September 2016: On Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo told Real Madrid’s club to escape proceed against Sporting to provide as a caution after the European champions staged an incredible 4 minutes turn around to release their Champions League protection with a 2-1 win.

Cristiano Ronaldo deprived of his boyhood club a well-known win by stopping out Bruno Cesar’s opener by a free kick in 89 minutes. Ahead of substitute Alvaro Morata sustained Real Madrid superior custom of massive European return by clutching a 93-minute champion.ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo subjects a bit of advice to his teammates at a euphoric atmosphere at Bernabeu Stadium on full time.

Speaking to the Media Ronaldo told that “This is what Real Madrid is all about, and comebacks like these form part of the mystique of this stadium – but this needs to be a warning for the future. We can’t be as soft as we were because teams will walk all over us. For me, sporting’s performance was not a surprise.”

On Tuesday, Ronaldo’s go through free kick get his record compute of goals in the Champions League to 95, nine forward of nearby contestant Lionel Messi, who had to make a record as a hat-trick in Barcelona’s as 7-0 defeated of Celtic.ronaldo

The Captain of Portugal decided not to enjoy the goal since it was his third against his previous club. In the year 2007, he had scored with Manchester United in 2 Champion League games.

The Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo said that “I couldn’t celebrate it. This the team that made me who I am and I have too much respect for them. They’ll always be in my heart.”

Zinedine Zidane the coach of Real Madrid acknowledgment the team’s aggressive courage when they have seemed on route to suit the first protecting European champions to misplace their opening game of the next drive while AC Milan in the year 1994.ronaldo

Zinedine Zidane said that “We’re delighted because we believed we could turn it around right until the end and we didn’t give up. Sometimes you meet opponents who play very well, but mediocre players were tremendous, they made an enormous effort, and they got their reward.”


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