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groom mate

In this article, I will give a brief review on Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer is one of the best nose and ear hair trimmers that are available in the market. Initially, the trimmer does not come with a battery and you have to power it itself. All you have to do to trim is insert the business end of the trimmer in your nose or ear and then softly twist the bottom of the gadget back and forth. You have to control the trimmer manually. The trimmer will ease to a halt as soon as you stop twisting it. This trimmer is powered by rotary blades. These blades will trim all the hair they come in contact with, without causing any skin irritation.

The Platinum XL uses gravity to pull the hair dirt from your nose and ear into the trimmer’s barrel. The trimmer can be utilized both for a dry and a wet trim. The gadget is 100% washable so you can simply clean the trimmer and its barrel under tap water after every trim. The rotary blades are of stainless steel it won’t rust so.

groom mate

The device is exceptionally small and handy, so you will have no problem in carrying it. The best part is, the entire trimmer is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty which means after buying this trimmer, you won’t have to necessarily buy another trimmer ever again.

Price: $29.95


  • Perfect for trimming unwanted hairs of nose and ear
  • Rotary blade
  • 100% stainless steel blades
  • No Battery
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Small size
  • 30 day Money back guarantee


  • No noise pollution.
  • Efficient trimmer for ear and nose hair trimming
  • No skin irritation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel rotary blades
  • Wet and dry use


  • It won’t perform additional tasks such as trimming eyebrows or sideburns or beard. It is applicable for only ear and nose hair.


We recommend everyone to try out Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer at least once. The device is too small and weighs negligible than other trimmers, so it is the most convenient trimmer to carry wherever you go that comes at this price. Further, the 30-day money back guarantee and unconditional lifetime warranty are other reasons you should go for it right now. Let us know about your own review Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear trimmer in the comments section below.

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08 November 2016: It really ended a period when BlackBerry has declared its official exit from a device developed, towards focus exclusively on software. The Canadian software foremost will not make any smartphones. Quite, it might subcontract the job to third-party OEMs. This handset will take the iconic BB brand and BB software. It will still assert by many since it is one of the mostly safe ecosystems whole over the world. Classis example is the DTEK50 and DTEK60.

According to the sources, BlackBerry technology question by many that, what will be the future like some user who has already purchased and used? Will BlackBerry going to continue or support the users who have used and should this element be broken or damaged is under warranty, will Blackberry provide after sales and required replacement? The question has answered by senior vice president of BlackBerry, Alex Thurber and Managing Director of the company’s, Narendra Nayak.blackberry

Asked Media sources and their response

What do the new strategic developments inside BlackBerry mean for brand loyalists and fans?

Alex Thurber said this should be very exciting for our fan-base and our loyalists. It is very amazing. We have a very loyal customer base. I have been with the company for (only) six months, and it’s been this pleasant surprise to realize how many people out there really want BlackBerry to succeed. So, as we are now able to focus more and more on software, which really is the ‘smart’ in the smartphone, it’s going to mean that we’ll continue to invest and expand our opportunities for our fans to use our BB devices.

Will BlackBerry keep on supporting the users, and should these units be damaged or broken – under warranty – will BlackBerry supply after sales and essential replacement?

He said, we have a formal end of life and end of sales strategy, and we haven’t declared either one on Priv. Based on those dates we then a precise timeline for which we continue to offer support and updates for some years afterward. But it (the Priv) is still actively being sold.

(As for aftersales and warranty) It’s very clear. All the individual specifications are on our website, but it’s very clear that we’ll continue to support things even after we announce the end of sale. There’s a period afterward that we continue to support our devices. We understand that it’s an investment by our user in our technology. I look on it as myself. I buy cellphones; I wouldn’t want to suddenly lose access either. We treat our customers very carefully.blackberry

Those who have purchased phones, Will BlackBerry continue to support existing customers?

Senior vice president said, Oh absolutely! We will continue to support our existing customer base both on Android as well as on BB10. We are about to release a new version of BB10, version 10.3.3, which is in final NIAP testing, which is the only reason we don’t have a (release) date because it’s a third-party lab. They’ll tell us when. The Price has updated to Android Marshmallow, and all the security updates that we release are available on it, the Productivity Hub updates, etc.base, they all work on Priv. So we are continuing to support all of our exist based.

Speaking of which, how is the Priv doing for BlackBerry?

He said the Priv is doing well globally. All phones have a price curve as they move out. The Price has been out now for almost a year and so it’s becoming less expensive around the world and that’s increasing its sales quite a bit. We still actively sell the Priv around the world.

Do you think the Priv, backfired, considering that it was your first Android-based smartphone and cost as much as it did?

In hindsight it would have been perfect should we have (had) brought out the Priv and maybe the DTEK50 at the same time. That might have been a smoother entrance into the Android space, but we learned a lot. The most important thing in a company is to try things, learn and then adjust your strategy from there. I wouldn’t say that it (the Priv) was a mistake. It was our way of breaking into the market.

The DTEK50 and DTEK60 use TCL (Alcatel) as reference OEMs. Are you currently in discussion with other such OEMs?

There’s nothing that we are ready to announce today. But we are looking at partnership around the world. As we announced our new software strategy and licensing strategy, we have a team that has been very busy out there looking at opportunities.blackberry

Managing director of BlackBerry Narendra Nayak response

How important is Indian market for BlackBerry?

Narendra Nayak said India is probably one of the most important markets for BlackBerry. We have our traditional markets where we continue to be strong, which is in the US and typically Western Europe, but if you look at outside of this market, the company has chosen six key markets which we call our emerging or growth markets, and India is right up there on that list.

One big evidence of that fact is that we had our chairman and CEO down here six months ago to state his commitment to this market. We have invested in rebuilding our strategy for this market both on the software side and on the device side, or on the mobility solution side. We have got an entirely new go-to-market strategy on the software side, we’ve got a new distributor, we’ve got a new reseller channel in place which is focused entirely on the mobility and security software space and then we built a new team which is for both sales and pre-sales. These are the people who understand software business and will work on that part of the business.

On the mobility solutions side, we’ve got two new phones (the DTEK50 and DTEK60) on the Android side, and we will continue to focus on them. So, India is a highly important market for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry to make in India

Narendra Nayak, we are still looking for opportunities (to make in India). We did announce one in Indonesia some time ago from a joint manufacturing perspective. It is an evolving thing. So right now, it is focused on the distribution of these two new phones.

Alex Thurber, but we are strong proponents of Make in India initiative by the Government. And moving on as we will have more things to announce, we will be happy to do that.

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27th October 2016: India’s home growing messaging App Hike Messenger has launched its new feature of video calling for the users on Wednesday. This amazing video calling feature has been first announced in the month of September and it is unveiled that the feature will be made available for all the Android users by the end of October, says the report.hike-messenger-app

It is said during the launched of the new video calling feature of Hike Messenger App that the experience of the video calling of the App is kept simple, reliance and high quality. In a press statement, the company said that “Video calling on Hike is a simple and easy to use feature that works on a single tap that is integrated into chat threads  with friends. The feature has been built for a reliance and high-quality video experience that works even under challenging network conditions, including good quality 2G.”

It is also learned that the Hike Messenger App has also included another feature of Live Caller Preview which will help the user the ability to see the preview of the live video before you could answer the call, in other words, this feature adds to the fun of video calling through Hike Messenger App.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, the founder and CEO of the Hike Messenger App while speaking during the launch of the new feature of video calling said that “This was an obvious one and we’re ecxited to bring it to the market so quickly. We’ve been in beta for a few months and the results have been really positive. We’re now excited to roll this out across our entire user base. We see India as primarily a sight and sound market – and we believe video calling will have a large impact on how people communicate inside of Hike.”

Hike Messasing App earlier has made an announcement of its base of 100 million users where it is found that 95 percent are based in India and out of which 90 percent are young as well as below the age of 30.

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05 October 2016: The Chinese mobile company ‘Xiaomi’ has declared that they have retails more than half million smartphones in a short time 72 hours. The Xiaomi Company has proclaimed that the top online trade’s stage sold throughout their festive like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

The Xiaomi India head, Manu Kumar Jain posted on Facebook that “This means close to 2 phones sold per second during first three days of October. Based on what we know, no other brand has ever achieved this in India”.xiaomi

In this post, Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain shared about the numbers of Smartphone sold throughout this era. In Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Redmi Note 3 has been sold and also the top selling phone, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Xiaomi Redmi 3S has sold and the best-selling product, whereas, Mi Band 2 is also the top selling wearable and Mi Power Bank is the greatest selling power bank.

Manu Kumar Jain state that four of the top six selling manufactured goods in the electronics group of Amazon were Mi products.xiaomi

Again, Xiaomi India head, Manu Kumar Jain added on the post that “More than six months of rigorous planning and hard work has helped us set a new benchmark in the industry. Last year we sold more than half million phones in 30 days during the month of October, and this year we were able to achieve a similar number within three days”.xiaomi

On the top deals Xiaomi offered Rs 3, 000 discounts on Mi5 Rs 1,000 off, on Mi Max offers Rs 500, on Redmi Note 3 (2GB/3GB) offers Rs 1000 correspondingly. Mi 10,000mAh power bank offers Rs 500, whereas Mi 20,000mAh power bank offers Rs 300.

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O4 October 2016: The Chinese Company goods creator Lenovo said they think that India likely a possible for a center to developed Lenovo Laptop.

As per the report, the Lenovo Indian director Dinesh Nair consumer business stated that “At Pondicherry plant, where we are already manufacturing desktops, has the capacity and flexibility to build laptops (notebooks). The company will have to take a call when to do it.”lenovo

The director said that Lenovo has almost started developing at Chennai plant, is devote to create in India plan, which is apparent from the appointment of the company’s as CEO and Chairman Yang Yuanqing in the year 2015 for a convention with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

The director said to the reporters that Lenovo is one of the third major vendors of personal Computer in India in the conditions of share market. This Lenovo has modified the whole series of a collection which they have a target to the business and youth section and will keep the price at an aggressive level.lenovo

The director said that developing in India will give extra suppleness and at least for two months will need to dispatch the product from China. He stated that recently the whole series of Lenovo laptop were original despatch from China.

Dinesh Nair said that the Lenovo laptop section was causal to 85% to 88% generally for personal computer sales and the rest desktop. He stated that on the expansion market PC that it stays flat in the previous quarter.

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01 October 2016: Xiaomi has declared offer that the Xiaomi handset will be available for this upcoming festival at a low price all with its associated stages. It contains Amazon’s massive Indian shopping festival, Snapdeal’s, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and Paytm all this will clutch the festival sales during this month.mi

This Mi Indian company have declared the major festival sales with its partner stages for this year. This offer will be accessible diagonally like in Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Tata Cliq which will start from 1st October. This the first time offer by Mi India which offers smartphone all the Mi accessories.

As per report, the head of online sales Raghu Reddy said that “Each year we are celebrating the festive season with Mi fans in a bigger and better way. We have exciting plans for 2016, and I am thrilled to announce our festive offers for Mi fans on our partner platforms as we come together to celebrate. We are making all the offers across platforms the same, and we are looking forward to a wonderful month of celebrations”.mi

The Flipkart big Billion day sale will start from 2 Oct to 6 October, the Amazon’s great Indian shopping festival sales will start from 1 to 5 October, the Snapdeal Unbox Diwali sale will start from 1 Oct to 6 October. These offers will be available just only during the sales period.

Offer details on Mi with price drop


  • Mi Max will save Rs 1,000 from Rs 13,999.
  • Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S Prime will save Rs 500 from Rs 6,499 and Rs 8,499.
  • Mi 5 will drop price Rs 3,000 from Rs 19,999.
  • Redmi Note 3 (3GB + 32GB) will drop Rs 1000 from Rs 10,999.
  • Mi 4 16GB will save your money up to Rs 1000 from Rs 9,999.
  • Redmi Note 3 (2GB + 16GB) will drop price up to Rs 500 from Rs 9,499.


  • 10,000mAh power bank will drop price Rs 400 from Rs 899.
  • 20,000mAh power bank will save your money up to Rs 300 from Rs 1,899.

These are the biggest offers which Mi Indian announced on this festival month of this year 2016.

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27th September 2016: In India Reliance has just recently launched Jio 4G services with a reasonable offer of Data plan and up to December 31 it will be offering a 4G compatible phone for free Jio SIM, which is having 4G services. It needs VoLTE network to make a call with Jio SIM, and Ambani says “Jio Data, Voice, Video and the full bouquet of Jio applications and content will be available for EVERYONE absolutely FREE, until 31st December 2016.”vodafone

Likewise, Vodafone also had launched its SuperNet 4G data pack on Monday. The company declared that it is available with a new 4G handset with a benefit of 10 GB data at just 1 GB for three months.

Vodafone Company says “With VodafoneSuperNet customers can now pay for 1 GB and get 9GB additional free. As a result, a customer connecting with a new 4G handset can now enjoy 10 GB data at the cost of just 1 GB for up to 3 months.”

Commercial Director, Vodafone India, Sandeep Kataria stated, “At Vodafone, we have always believed in providing the best value to our customers while surprising them with delightful offers. With the festive season approaching, we are giving a greater reason to customers to upgrade to 4G handsets. With this offer, we are encouraging new 4G handset users to enjoy the Vodafone SuperNet™ experience to the fullest and explore the wonders of the internet in a truly worry-free manner.”

Vodafone 4Gservices offer would work only in an area where Vodafone has 3G and 4G services, and both the prepaid and post-paid customers can also get a benefit of this service until December 31st, 2016.

The latest plan that Vodafone company offers is to only for payment of 1GB of data, and you can get a benefit of 9GB additional data without extra charges. This services also enables the users to enjoy to the fullest watching 100+ live TV channels, over 18000 movies and countless TV shows.

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24th September 2016: With an effect of Reliance Jio offering 1GB data with high-speed at Rs.50, Bharati Aitel also launches its special 4GB data pack to match the Reliance Jio’s rate, says the

According to the report, Airtel is one of the country’s largest Telecom operator have made an announcement for a special 4G data pack for the prepaid customers with a special offer of free data for 90 days. It is said in the statement that, “While the pack is available for Rs. 1, 495 for existing users, new users can avail this offer via the first recharge of Rs. 1,494.”

An Indian expert revealed it said on condition of anonymity adding,”This is an attempt to ring-fence the company’s high ARPU (Average revenue per user) customers.”

The Industry sources said that the users would get a 4G data speeds up to 30GB data although all data will be free for 90 days. The speeds then will fall to 2G in a race with the company’s fair usage policy where the data pack of 1GB for 4G pack will be for Rs. 50 whereas the voice tariffs will continue to be as applicable.

It is revealed that this move comes in response to the Jio’s introductory offer of a free voice call, and data will continue till 31 December and after that, there will not be charges for the users for the voice services and the users can get the data for Rs.50.

Other incumbents like Idea and Vodafone responds to Airtel’s offer while 4G airwave holdings of these operators regarding circles are less than half those of Airtel and Jio. The emails sent to these two operators on the reaction to Aitel’s announcement in a press of time remains unanswered, according to the reports.

The Analyst said that to match Airtel and Jio’s competitive data tariffs, these companies would have to find some other unique plans.

Global Telecommunication Leader Prashant Singhal at EY said that “Operators who don’t have 4G capacity but have 2G and 3G will have to find innovative solutions to match new data tariffs in the market.”

In an interview with ET, Airtel’s Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal revealed that the company’s new plan arrived not less than a week, and the company is set with its new plans. The company’s chairman also said despite all the vicious data prices even before Jio was launched; the company has not gone to the bare bones in its tariff offers. He also further said that the game of matching up to Jio in 4G would be played as quickly since the company had the network and capacity to do so.

It has been revealed by some of the industry experts that Jio is likely to attack in the rise of price on the incumbents and said in a statement, “In an industry where history has shown operators have negligible pricing power, pricing is likely to be determined by the owner of largest capacity, i.e., Jio.”

Brokerage Credit Suisse Sunil Tirumalai said in an internal Company note that, “It is clear that at price points optimal for Jio, incumbents networks will get flooded.”

Operations Director for India and South Asia at Bharti Airtel, Ajai Puri says that the new pack will let the users with the high-speed 4G handsets and stated to “stay online round the clock without having to worry about exhausting data limits or going for frequent recharges.”

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23rd September 2016: A Chennai-bound aircraft  flight 6E-054 was caught with fire on Friday from a High-end Samsung smartphone that have created a panic among the total 175 passengers on-board and later, the aircraft have made a safe landing, says the report.ban use of Samsung galaxy note-7

It is reported that the incident occurred inside the Indigo aircraft that was coming from Singapore to Chennai and the fire was reported by the cabin crew member coming from the hat-rack of seat number 23C. After noticing the incident, the Pilot alerted the ATC with regard to the situation on board.

According to the reports, in consideration with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device, the DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation have asked the airlines department to ban the use of this device series inside the aircraft despite the fact that the company officials have been convened for the aviation regulator on Monday.

The officials said that “Taking the precautionary measure, the cabin crew on priority relocated all passengers on other seats, and further observed smoke being emitted from a Samsung note 2 which was placed in the baggage (of a passenger) in the overhead bin.”

“The crew discharged the fire extinguisher which is as per the Standard Operating Procedures prescribed by the aircraft manufacturer, and quickly transferred the Samsung note 2 into a container filled with water in lavatory.” 

It is learned that the aircraft made a safe landing and all the passengers on-board were deplaned according to the normal process.

The Carrier also said that the safety is the most important and added “This equipment (Samsung mobile) will be further examined by the concerned departments. IndiGo has voluntarily informed the DGCA.”

According to the reports, regarding the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device was earlier banned during on board following the incidents that the device battery exploded in various countries.

However, as per the report, this is the first ever incident that have triggered in India of catching fire on board. And there was no immediate reports available from the Samsung.

It is however learned that the regulator would issue a new advisory about these devices, although it has already requested the airlines to warn the passengers while on board to switch off their Samsung Galaxy Note phones, says the report.

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whatsapp added new feature

21st September 2016:  Whatsapp has added the new mentions feature in the group chats for the Android and iOs devices, the users can now tag individuals in the group chat, as per the report.whatsapp added new feature

It is revealed that the new mention feature works just like the Facebook and Twitter does. The only thing that the users have to do is to use the sign of ‘@’ during engaging in a group chat, and the app will suggest the names of the group members automatically.

The new mention feature was rumored first in the month of June, and remarkably, this mention features is a limited to the number of group chats only.

The new mention feature is popularly known as an instant messaging app that will make the users to easily get the attention of their loved one in the group, and this App is compatible for the Android users with version 2.16.259. Taking into consideration with the same the version, it was revealed that since from the past few days there was no new update even after using the same version. However, this new feature may have been enabled by the company from it’s server-side.  The new feature has first been spotted by the beta users and finally, it has been made available for the general users too. The iPhone users using Whatsapp with the versions of 2.16.10 can avail this new feature.

No doubt, Whatsapp have recently added several features to its messaging services with the latest message quotes and replies. These features allows the users to quote while messaging and also to press in any conversation where you can see a reply option pop up and star, delete, even forward and copy.

It is reported that the Whatsapp legal page info has some new details of how the company is looking for businesses to communicate with each other using the whatsapp app. It is rumored that whatsapp company is likely to add bots into the messaging service and it has been pointed out by WABetainfo to Whastapp new page legal info on twitter saying  “We will explore ways for you and businesses to communicate with each other using Whatsapp, such as through order, transaction, and appointment information, delivery and shipping notifications, product and sevice updates, and marketing.”

The Whatsapp page further explains saying, “you may receive flight status information for upcoming travel, a receipt fro something you purchased, or a notification when a delivery will be made. Messages you may receive containing marketing could include an offer for something that might interest you. We do not want you to have a spamy experience, as with all of your messages, you can manage these communications, and we will honor the choices you make.”


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