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02 November 2016: The episode 15 of Bigg Boss 10 on Tuesday starts off with the morning wake up number, “Pak Chik Pak Raja Babu” and also brings a new luxury Budget Task for the housemates. It is seen that Swamiji is making a plan to do the task with his fellow friends Manoj, Navin, and Manveer that led them to break a major rule of the Bigg Boss house. On the other hand, Karan Mehra is seen as a peacemaker between Bani and Lopamudra who were having an awful argument and tried to calm the situation about the tensions of the nominations that took place in the previous episodes.

bigg-boss10It’s time for the luxury budget task as Bigg Boss announces where the contestants must do a costume drama. The name of the costume drama is titled as ‘Raja Aur Rank.’ In this task both the celebrities and commoners were to transform themselves into different characters which should portray of them belonging to a royal family. The task rule- the commoners, get royal status while the celebrities are their sincere staffs. Then the special costumes were supplied by the Bigg Boss for which the contestants were supposed to wear to perform the task.

There is a twist in the task where the celebrities got an opportunity to turn the tables on the commoners through a secret task as they have to capture the commoners with 12 moments orchestrated. The costume drama ‘Raja Aur Rank’ begins, and it is seen that the commoners were having a tough time especially for Swami and Nitibha who were always backbiting against the rule of the game. On hearing the taunts of Nitibha, Manveer got exhausted and started yelling at her. The task continues, and Swami is seen ending his role as a King in earnest manner that left the fellow royal family members annoying.

Then Manoj came forward and took charge of bringing a new method to the task. It is a good day for Manu when his close friend Monalisa kiss him on the cheek which is a part of the secret task. While Rahul takes up his role in the task of making Swami wear his personal clothes but Om Swami rejected and started saying to Rahul that Rahul is all trying to suffocate him with his scarf.

And Gaurav tries his best to push his fellow celebrity contestants in completing the secret task while Manu and Manveer after seeing Gaurav being too pushy try to put him in the Jail with false accusations but Gaurav managed to escape from the jail punishment.

Bigg Boss then again supplies the celebrity contestants with massage oils and paints to fuel the luxury task while Rohan is sent to Jail for the misbehavior with Nitibha while painting Om Swami’s picture. On the other hand, Lopamudra is seen with massage oil approaching to Manveer for which her intentions was a misunderstanding between the two and results into a war of words.

This is the written updates about the Bigg Boss 10, episode 15. If you have missed out yesterday’s episode, then you can get the updates here with complete information as mentioned in the above. Go through the written updates and enjoy the episodes.

big boss

12 October 2016: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is going to join with superstar Salman Khan to start the reality TV show ‘Big Boss.’ She said that resolve to be attainment the Hollywood’s action and excitement on the opening occasion.

There were reports that Deepika Padukone, who resolves to be creation her Hollywood first appearance with xXx: The Return of Xander Cage will be the first celebrity visitor of the show when she was dotted shooting with Salman Khan currently.

However, the news confirmed by CEO of Colors Channel Raj Nayak, which rays Big Boss. Raj Nayak Tweeted that “The excitement begins. Look who is coming to Big Boss for the Launch. 16th October 9 PM- Book your seats Now! xXxMovie Deepika Padukone.”big boss

The CEO of Colors channel shared the video of Deepika Padukone which is saying to the viewers to support themselves for new travel with the upcoming season of the reality TV show.

In the video, the star of Piku film is saying that “In this tussle between the people of India and celebrities, I will be getting the thrill and action of Hollywood.”

The reality show is an Indian description of international sequence ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. The features of the reality show are that celebrities were locked within the house for 3 months under steady camera observation exclusive of any luxury or gadgets.big boss

The upcoming Big Boss season 10 will be, the attention is on the ordinary man. For the initial time, the controversial reality show will unlock the doors to the ordinary people to emerge as contestants along with the celebrities.

Following the months of audition and inspection, the 13 participants named have selected, and eight players resolve entering the house. The set-up information for the upcoming season of Big Boss is so far to be exposed.

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30th September 2016: Kumkum Bhagya is one of the popular show that is taking the new level in Zee TV. The love story between Abhi and Pragya this time will take through another shocking twist as Abhi is in a state of memory lose for quite sometimes now and Alia is taking all the advantage and tries all possibilities to keep Pragya away from Abhi. But we could see that inspite of her several attempts to prove Pragya as characterless and also tries to ruin her career, Alia in the fails with her plans. kumkum-bhagya

After failing several of her plans, Alia this time prepares a fullproof plan with a view to drive Pragya totally out of Abhi’s life. So, in order to succeed in her plan, Alia trapped Abhi by publishing a photo of Abhi’s pose with Tanu which was taken by Alia in the party in Abhi’s state of fully intoxicated. And this was full prepared plan of Alia and Tanu to trapped Abhi.

In the last episode we have seen that Abhi could not control himself after being fully drunk so Pragya aware of Alia and Tanu’s Plan waited for Abhi outside the party hall. Seeing Abhi’s condition, she decided to drop Abhi safely at his home. The next day, Abhi became conscious but could not recall of what had happened in the party. After a few minutes, daddy, dasi and Raj came rushing to Abhi’s room with surprised to see Abhi’s pictures with Tanu in a newspaper. Abhi on seeing the post in the newspaper became tensed and wonders on how to come over his mistakes. While Abhi was wondering about the incident and asked Alia for suggestion, that’s when Alia told Abhi to get into a relation with Tanu and get married to her in order to put an end to the story.

In today’s episode Kumkum Bhagya, you will be able see that Alia blackmails Abhi forcing him to get into the relation with Tanu and get married to her. And Abhi refuses to agree with her suggestion as he didn’t find the idea is convincing. Later, Alia gets a call from the media personals and she talks rudely to them when she was asked about Abhi’s controversy. We all have seen that Alia is making a fullproof plan this time to trap Abhi in her plans. So, the question that fans wants know is – will Abhi be the victim of Alia’s plan and do as she says? Will Pragya be able prove Abhi’s innocent? To know the answer stay tuned every day and watch the show regularly at 9:00PM only on Zee TV. Don’t miss it!

Watch the video here:

1st September 2016: Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 is a tough one and participants are going through good times in alternating with tough times. Participants are giving their level best by rehearsing again and again and suffering many injuries. Helly Shah, who is popularly known as Swara, after her role in Swaragini serial, had experienced tough times on her journey to Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

Sources revealed that, in the last show, Helly Shah got emotional and shed tears before her performance. Entertainment Portal revealed the reason for Helly’s shedding tears was that she score low in her past few weeks as well as she doesn’t get good comments from the judges regarding her performances.

helly 2

Helly, before her performance, recalled about her recent journey in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and shed tears in emotions and pain. Manish Paul, an anchor of Jhalak, consoled and encouraged Helly. Helly thus gathered confidence by Manish Paul’s motivating words.

On that particular show, Helly, and her choreographer Jay performed on the song ‘Naino me Sajna’. After their fabulous performance, Jacqueline Fernandez, appreciate them by giving a tight hug to Helly Shah.

helly 1

22nd August 2016:  Apart from Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, and Shah Rukh Khan, Sonali Bendre is also one of them to follow several unions like B-town, A-listers, after achieving an outstanding goal on Indian Cinema move forward to the television show.

jaana na dil

Pinkvilla reported that Sonali Bendre, a  41 years old Bollywood Diva would appear on a widely viewed TV channel Star Plus serial “Jaana Na Dil Se Door,” Directed by Sahib Siddiqui and Produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik.


Sources revealed that maker of “Jaana Na Dil Se Door” has approached Sonali Bendre to play the role of a mother, i.e., Shashank Vyas’ mom.

It was also reported that “Since Shashank Vyas is to make his presence on the show very soon, we were looking for Shashank’s mother, who is supposed to be a protagonist on the show. Hence, considering that Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre has been in the similar space earlier, we have approached her to take the above role. We all are waiting for her reply,”

Among many serial on Star Plus “Jaana Na Dil Se Door” has achieved people’s heart and viewed by most widely. This serial depicts a perfect love between  Atharva and Vividha in the primary leads role.

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kumkum bhagya 646 episode

20th august 2016:  In the previous show, 649 Episode, Pragya returned home with joy and happiness as she met Abhi, as well as Abhi has given his autograph on Pragya’s right palm. Out of extreme happiness, Pragya decided to prepare dinner by herself and she told Amma to take rest. But as Pragya was preparing meal only on one hand i.e left hand, her mother and Dadi asked whether anything happened to her right hand?

kum 1

Pragya, cuts the vegetables with using her left hand because she fears of washing away Abhi’s autograph from her hand and that is why she does the work with using her right hand only. On seeing Pragya’s extreme change, Pragya’s mother, dadi and Amma were amazed. Pragya’s mother and Amma went to the kitchen to find out the reason but Pragya with smile refuse them saying that she will prepare dinner by herself. However, Pragya’s mother and Amma told Pragya that they will help her to prepare dinner but Pragya denies it completely.

On the next day, on her way to office, Pragya saw Alia talking to manager of the company. Pragya on seeing Alia hide herself behind a car to avoid Alia because if Alia would come to know that Pragya is working in the company where they had sign a contract then she would take Abhi away and she (Pragya) would not be able to see him (Abhi).

Both of them were discussing about a deal like, Alia asked for the full payment of their , while the manager replied to Alia that full payment would be made on the completion of their contract and she (manager)even said to Alia that only half payment would be made now.

But Alia could feel that someone on seeing her has hidden to avoid her and she looked around but found no one and left away.

In the office, the office staff rushed in craziness to see Abhi and Pragya told them that Abhi will not come now, but by the time Abhi entered the office. Abhi told them to remove their bracelet and place it on a plate and asked each of them to find out Abhi’s bracelet.

Kumkum Bhagya-650 Episode, 22nd August 2016

In the next show Episode 650, in a conversation between Abhi and Pragya, Pragya asked Abhi ” How do you know Abhimanyu?” and Abhi asked back to Pragya what was her name, Pragya replies saying her name is Nikita.

Watch the video Preview here:

So, please go through the  written updates of previous episode if you have missed out the show and the clue of the next episode of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. Enjoy watching today’s show , as it will be so interesting. Stay connected to your favourite show and enjoy the full episode of Kumkum Bhagya serial only on Zee TV channel everyday at 9PM.

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splistvilla 9 episode 13

20 August 2016: Panasonic Smartphones MTV Channel’s love based reality television show Spiltsvilla season 9 ‘where women rule’ hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha is a popular show and liked by the audience.

splitsvilla 9


The Splistvilla Season 9 with episode 13 has reached to the exciting point where the wild card entry of the new contestants came into villa and there were much amazing challenges in the task and the two queens Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana ruling the game show by their Power. Check out the written updates here.

The last episode 12 Splistvilla 9 was a twist of Friendship or Power?

We have seen that Kavya Khurana is crowned as a new Queen beside Rajnandini who have the Power to eliminate one boy each into the dumping ground.  And Queen Kavya dumped one of the strong contenders, Varun Sood who is a connection to former Queen Martina. But the Book of fortune came up with twists.

Next, started with entertaining and challenging tasks for the boys called ‘OLX India Bech DeTask,’ who all have the tough time performing the task. In case you have missed out the last episode then here is the video written updates, catch up now:

Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13: Friendship or the Throne?


Today’s episode will be interesting and fun as there will be a task between the boys and girls to get the Queen’s throne and all the contestants perform their best in the battleground to win the throne. Stay tuned into MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 every Saturday 7 PM to catch the live episode and watch the exciting episode today and don’t miss it.

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Updates of Previous Episode 647 17th August 2016: Pragya dreamed that she and Abhi was on a romantic dance post, but slowly got despatched and Pragya woke up shouting. when her mother and dadi heard her shout, they rushed to Pragya’s room.

Pragya on seeing her mother and dadi, pretend that nothing happened to her and she uttered that it is her first day in office and she had to go early on time, as already she is getting late.

On the other side, dadi ( Abhi’s dadi) prayed to god to regain Abhi’s memory and asked Abhi to take god’s blessing so that he would be able to meet the person whom he love the most.

In the office Pragya got an information that Abhi would be visiting their office as Abhi had signed a contract with their company. Pragya was considered as lucky, as with the entry of Pragya in the office, their  company has got a great deal with abhi, the rockstar.

Pragya was asked to welcome Abhi, but she was finding it difficult to face Abhi because she had a fear that it would be a risk for Abhi health as a result of a tragic accident. For that reason Pragya thought that it would be better for her to avoid facing him and hide herself in a canteen.

But a company”s manager , managed to find her and she was forced to welcome him. Pragya covered her face to welcome Abhi but she was lose on seeing him in front of her.

Manager convey  to Abhi that pragya is his greatest fan, on entry to the office she used to first wish his poster. Abhi says that he like the most such type of fans and Abhi gave his autograph by saying i love you on Pragya’s right palm.

episode 647

Kumkum Bhagya – 648 Episodes 18th August 2016:

In today’s episode, pragya was asked to hear abhi’s song to judge the song and Pragya found it so pleasant to hear the song. She also saw Abhi approaching her.

episode 648

These are the written updates of previous episode and hints of today’s episode of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’,please go through it,if you missed out the previous episode. So, enjoy watching todays episode, as it is going to be interesting and surprising. Stay tuned to your favourite show and enjoy the full episode of Kumkum Bhagya serial only on Zee TV channel everyday at 9PM.


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